Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Are Black Ops 4 Smoke Grenades Coming to Multiplayer?

There’s been a distinct lack of Black Ops 4 smoke grenades since the title launched on October 12. There are a myriad of other throwable weapons for players to use, but smoke grenades have been absent from most modes so far. Will there be a time when smoke grenades come to all Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 modes though, or will only be part of certain game modes forever?

Black Ops 4 Smoke Grenades – What are They for?

They are exactly what they sound like. Smoke grenades dispense smoke across a wide area, and are used to conceal yourself from the enemy and leave them disoriented at the same time. Smoke grenades are normally used for players who value stealthy approaches, or those who wish to disappear if they’re low on health.

Black Ops 4 Smoke Grenades – Will They Ever be Available?

At the moment it doesn’t look likely. One user on the Blacks Ops 4 sub-reddit – Kev2841 – asked if anyone was aware of Treyarch looking to add smoke grenades to the game. Kev2841 suggests that they should be included to help capture points in modes that have them, but the replies suggested that they wouldn’t.

One other user – JMocks – explained why Black Ops 4 smoke grenades wouldn’t be used all that much either. The incorporation of specialist abilities – abilities that players can use to turn the tide of battle in their favour – are way more likely to be used than any throwable weapon. Given that these abilities are assigned to RB and R1 on the Xbox One and PS4 controllers respectively -the same bumpers that grenades are thrown with – grenades aren’t being utilised all that much as it is.

A smoke screen throwable is available in the game’s Blackout mode, as per this Polygon guide, but all other multiplayer modes will have to do without… for now.