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When is the Pokemon Go Gen 4 Evolutions Release Date?

It’s strange that there’s been no word of a Pokemon Go gen 4 evolutions release date. Niantic have finally dropped a slew of generation four Pokemon into their smartphone game hit, but there’s been no mention of evolutions concerning Pokemon already present in the game. When can we expect to see cross-generational Pokemon get their additional evolutions if they have one?

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Evolutions – When is the Release Date?

Right now there isn’t one. Plenty of Pokemon Go players have taken to Reddit to ask whether Pokemon from generation 1, 2, and 3 will be ready to evolve to other forms that they have. One such example was posted by user jetbar 112, who asked when the Dark and Flying-type Pokemon Murkrow would be able to evolve into Honchkrow. Unfortunately for jetbar112, the replies suggested that there was no official date from Niantic about when this would be implemented.

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Evolutions – Who Does This Affect?

As mentioned, generation 1, 2 and 3 Pokemon are the most likely to be missing out right now. The likes of Magneton, Rhydor, Lickitung, Aipom, Togetic, and many more all have extra evolutions that don’t seem to be present in Pokemon Go yet.

The multitude of cross-generational Pokemon have different ways to evolve, but it could be that Niantic hasn’t found a viable solution to this problem to implement it properly into the game. For example, some Pokemon like Magneton can now evolve depending on certain locations in the core Pokemon game series, according to Magneton can become Magnezone if you have one in your party and you travel to Mt. Coronot in either Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.

If this proves to be the case in Pokemon Go too, it’ll be interesting to see how Niantic can incorporate these evolutions into their game. Will you need to be by a power station to get Magnezone? We’ll have to see what they have up their sleeve.