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Black Ops 4 Best Scorestreak

The Black Ops 4 Best Scorestreak competition is tight at present, as the newest installment in the Call of Duty franchise has a wide selection of powerful Scorestreak rewards for players to choose from. However, there are certainly some Scorestreaks that have proven themselves to be more valuable than others. This guide will go through the best Scorestreaks in Black Ops 4, as well as detailing the best ways to use them.

Black Ops 4 Best Scorestreaks – COMSEC Device

Before listing the best Scorestreaks in Black Ops 4, it’s important to point out the COMSEC Device, which is a piece of equipment players can add to their Custom Classes in Black Ops 4. The COMSEC Device reduces the amount of score players need to earn Scorestreaks, making it invaluable for players who tend to get a lot of them. With the COMSEC Device, high-cost Scorestreaks become easier to obtain, while low-cost Scorestreaks can be earned almost by accident.

The COMSEC Device may mean that you’ll need to drop a Perk or a Weapon Attachment, but if you’re sure that you can get value out of discounted Scorestreaks, it’s well worth equipping, especially considering that some of the best Scorestreak Rewards in Black Ops 4 tend to be the ones that require quite a high Scorestreak.

Black Ops 4 Best Scorestreaks – Top 5 Scorestreaks in Black Ops 4


Although many people tend to forget about the unassuming UAV in their guides to the best Scorestreak Rewards, the UAV operates as the Scorestreak enabler more often than not. Players who get themselves a Gunship often do so with the help of a UAV, if not two of them. The UAV allows you to track enemy movements on the mini-map, which allows you to get the jump on them, using the element of surprise to your advantage. It’s simple, low-cost, and an absolute essential for every team that intends to win.

  • Cost: 550 score.
  • COMSEC cost: 450 score.

Drone Squad

The Drone Squad is a medium-score Scorestreak, making it attainable as well as valuable. This Scorestreak reward can be deployed by the player and then left to its own devices, meaning that the player can elect to continue focusing on themselves instead of having to actually control the Drone Squad.

The best way to use this is to let your team know beforehand. While the enemy team is preoccupied with your team of drones, your actual team can engage them on the ground, taking advantage of low-HP, distracted enemies. Even if 1000 points seems a little high, the COMSEC cost of 800 is low enough to obtain without encountering too much trouble. This is a Scorestreak Reward to be reckoned with and is definitely one of the better ones in Black Ops 4.

  • Cost: 1000 score.
  • COMSEC cost: 800 score.

Attack Chopper

The Attack Chopper functions in a similar fashion to the Drone Squad, in that it doesn’t need to be piloted. The Chopper is controlled by AI, so once it’s called it, the player no longer needs to pay any attention to it. It may not be the most reliable Scorestreak Reward, as it’s relatively often that Choppers go an entire run without killing any enemies.

However, the reason it doesn’t kill them is either because a) someone is trying to take it down, or b) all of the enemies are indoors. Either way, the Chopper is creating an opening for players to capitalize on. An unaware enemy attempting to shoot the helicopter down is an easy target, whereas those who think they’re safe indoors can have their sense of security exploited by attacking them where they think they can’t get hit.

Even if players don’t do either of these things, they will still be aware that the Chopper is there, which will in turn affect their ground-game. Some people think that Choppers do all of the work for you, but really, they just carve out a path for you to work with. Instead of taking it easy while your Chopper racks up kills, push even harder than before so that you can farm another Scorestreak Reward in no time.

  • Cost: 1200 score.
  • COMSEC cost: 900 score.

Strike Team

This Scorestreak Reward is fantastic when used properly. The most important thing to note is that it isn’t worth using when you’re alone, or when your team is dead. Use this when all of the players on your team are alive and ready to attack a position. That way, even if there are six enemies there, you’ll have a two-man advantage, as the fight will be an 8v6. On top of that, the two elite soldiers are fantastic tanks, in that they’ll soak up tons of enemy damage without affording the enemy team any kills. You can either push behind them, or get easy picks from the enemies who are preoccupied with them.

The description for Strike Team may imply that these two elite soldiers are going to easily capture a position for you, but in reality, you’re the one who needs to capitalize on their presence. This may be the second-highest Scorestreak in Black Ops 4, but it’s also probably the second-best (not including UAV of course, which is absolutely essential, regardless of how flashy some of the higher Scorestreaks might be).

  • Cost: 1350 score.
  • COMSEC cost: 1050 score.


It was always going to be the Gunship. This is the only Scorestreak Reward in the game that’s even in the same league as the all-too-ignored UAV, as it’s an instrument of destruction like none other. The Gunship may require a whopping 1600 points to call in, but it pays its dues for each and every one of them. COMSEC is worth running if you’re gunning for a Gunship, as it shaves off 250 points—a massive amount when you consider that these 250 come after 1350 in a row.

The Gunship isn’t even unlocked until level 54, meaning that players who haven’t spent their Permanent Unlock Token on it will only get to use it for one level. This provides yet another reason as to why some players may never even equip the Gunship. However, those who are capable of regularly racking up high Scorestreaks will get no better bang for their buck. Gunships rain terror down on the enemy team and regularly rack up several kills. They send the entire opposing team running for their lives, leaving objectives wide open for your team to advance on. Any of the enemies who dare to contest these will be obliterated by your Gunship, netting you extra kills and score and them a stint spent on the respawn screen.

The Gunship is the best Scorestreak in Black Ops 4, but it’s absolutely useless for those who have difficulty in getting it. If you’re able for it, equip it in every single game—spend your Permanent Unlock Token on it. If not, you can settle for the second-best Scorestreak Reward in the game, which, no matter what anybody else tells you, is the modest but devastating UAV.

  • Cost: 1600 score.
  • COMSEC cost: 1350 score.

Although the above five Scorestreak Rewards are perhaps the most valuable in the game, it is important to note that those who are good at piloting some of the medium-score rewards should play to their strengths. It is perhaps more apt to describe the above Scorestreaks as the most consistent and the best Scorestreaks in terms of team-play.