Darkest of Days PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

During game-play press the ~ key to open the console window then enter the following codes.

set player.friendlyfire 1Allows you to attack your allies (not including dexter or other important allies) Your allies dont attack back if you attack them so have fun with it
set phys.gravity.y <number>Change the gravity so you jump higher, set phys.gravity.y -32.15 is default, numbers greater then -32 make you jump higher and fall slower
set player.speed <number>Changes your walk speed, set player.speed 18 is the default, numbers higher then 18 make you walk faster
guns.points <number>Gives you more upgrade points to use to upgrade your guns
set god 1God mode, use set god 0 to disable
set melee.reach <number>Increase your melee range, for example, set melee.reach 10000 will give you an unlimited melee attack range
set player.ghost 1Makes you invisible to enemies, use set player.ghost 0 to become visible again
flood <number>Raises or lowers the water level in the map, not that useful, but fun to have, flood 0 is the default, numbers greater then 0 raise the water
clear-npcsRemoves all npcs from the map
set player.gunslots <number>Set this to higher then 2 in order to carry more guns, 10 or more should allow you to carry every gun at the same time
set gun.heat.rate 0Stops turrets from heating up
specializeThis makes alot of blue aura guys, its fun to kill them if you feel like fighting opps
set player.frictionHL <number>This makes you slide around when you walk, has no real purpose, just funny
set npc.gunparticles 0Turns off smoke and other effects when npcs fire guns, makes it easier to see
set npc.gunlights 0Turns off the muzzle flash of npcs, makes it harder to know where your being shot from, use set npc.gunlights 1 to turn it back on