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Black Ops 4 Wingsuit – How to Use It at Any Time

The Black Ops 4 wingsuit isn’t just for deployment in Blackout. You can redeploy the wingsuit in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 at any time, and in some circumstances, at any place. How can we use the wingsuit during a match? When can we use it? All of these questions and more are answered within.

Black Ops 4 Wingsuit – When Can We Use it?

Typically, you’ll only use your wingsuit in Blackout during the deployment right at the beginning of your match. You can, however, use it whenever you want, in the right circumstances. On all platforms, you can deploy your wingsuit in Blackout whenever you jump from a great enough height. Tall buildings, steep cliffs, and other high-up areas are ideal for wingsuit use. On PC, however, you can use your Blackout wingsuit at any time.

Black Ops 4 Wingsuit – How to Deploy the Wingsuit in Blackout at Any Time

To deploy your wingsuit from a great height (a building two stories tall ought to be just tall enough) is rather simple. All you need to do is sprint towards the edge of the building, or whatever it is you’re jumping from, and hold down the jump button as you fall (“X” on PS4, “A” on Xbox One, and whatever it is you’ve set it to on PC). Doing this should let you deploy your wingsuit as often as you’d like.

While this is neat, you can actually use your wingsuit in Blackout on PC at any time or place, no matter the jump height. Found by Redditor Yates_t, the method of doing so is a little more complicated than what’s described above. According to Yates_t, you’ll need to “keybind something easy to reach… to Numpad 3/PgDn.” Hold this button down after sprinting and jumping off anything and your wingsuit will be deployed. This is particularly useful, as it will save you from picking up fall damage from any height. Remember, this can only be done on PC.