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Black Ops 4 Double XP Glitch – Free 2XP Guide

Reports of a Black Ops 4 double XP Glitch have surfaced online. Apparently, players can drastically extend the time they’re due to receive double XP for without having to do much at all. This means that players can easily make the most of a free 2XP multiplier. Here’s a guide on how to make use of the Black Ops 4 double XP Glitch in order to get free 2XP.

Black Ops 4 Double XP Glitch – Free 2XP Guide

The Black Ops 4 Double XP Glitch is tied to the promotion currently being run between Call of Duty and Monster Energy. In order to make use of this promotion, players must first create an Activision account. Then, they’ll need to link this account to the account associated with their Black Ops 4 profile. This can be easily done once you have registered with Activision.

After successfully creating the account and linking it to Black Ops 4, players should visit the Monster Energy promotion page. Once they have done so, they’ll have the option to log in using their brand new Activision account. The page will then provide instructions on how to get double XP in Black Ops 4 for a limited amount of time.

However, the time is not quite as limited as it seems to be. A recent Reddit post pointed out that players have been only losing a single minute of Double XP time per match played. One particular player managed to reach Prestige in just six hours as a result of the free 2XP provided by the Black Ops 4 Double XP Glitch. For a guide on Black Ops 4 Prestige details, click here.

This glitch currently works, but will cease to do so soon. As a result, players who have Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 are advised to create and register Activision accounts with the Monster Energy promotion as soon as possible.

Black Ops 4 Double XP – Does Monster 2XP Stack With 2XP Weekend?

Given that Treyarch intends to launch a Double XP Weekend today, October 19, a lot of players have inquired as to whether or not this will affect the free 2XP from the Monster Energy promotion.

Treyarch is launching a patch across all platforms today with the intention of rectifying several of the glitches and bugs players have encountered in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 since launch. Alongside this patch is Black Ops 4‘s first Double XP Weekend, the fan-favorite event that allows people to accelerate through the ranks at twice the speed.

This Reddit post points out that last year’s Call of Duty WW2 had a mechanic in place which stacked different XP accelerators  on top of each other. Therefore, players who have recently redeemed their Monster Energy code for Double XP will be glad to know that it’s likely they will be temporarily gaining 4XP, which will allow them to progress through the ranks at an alarming speed.

It is unknown at present as to when the Double XP Weekend will begin, as Treyarch has yet to officially announce a start time. However, it has been established that it will begin today and that it will end on October 23.

It is noteworthy that Double XP Weekends tend to launch at about 11 AM PT, which is 2 PM ET and 6 PM BST. However, given that this Double XP Weekend is tied to the same update as a huge patch, it may be the case that the launch time may be slightly different this time around.

For all of those who have already redeemed their Monster Energy codes, there is no reason to worry. Either your promotion will be paused before Double XP Weekend and will resume immediately afterwards, or the promotions will stack. Either way, you will be able to make use of your XP multiplier, bringing you closer to the next Prestige in no time.