Is There a Call of Cthulhu Nintendo Switch Version?

There has been no word of a Call of Cthulhu Nintendo Switch version dropping alongside its rival editions. Call of Cthulhu is due to be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC when the game launches on October 30. However, the Switch appears to have once again been left out by publisher Focus Home Interactive. So, can we expect to see a Switch version land in the near future or not?

Call of Cthulhu Nintendo Switch – Is it Coming to the Switch?

Not at this moment in time. The game is only being released on the platforms listed above, according to this extensive video game release date list from GameSpot. That’s not to say that a Nintendo Switch port won’t be brought out a ways down the line, but right now there’s no confirmed plans for a Call of Cthulhu Nintendo Switch edition.

Call of Cthulhu Nintendo Switch – Why isn’t it Being Launched on the Switch?

Who is to say? Nintendo hasn’t been a big proponent of any type of horror game over the past decade or so. Only a few titles, such as Fatal Frame, have made their way onto Nintendo consoles. Whether this is down to the public’s perception of Nintendo being a more child-friendly game developer or not, there hasn’t been a ton of horror titles on the Wii, Wii U, or Switch.

That has seemingly changed since the Switch was released in March 2017, with the likes of the Resident Evil Revelations Collection, Layers of Fear: Legacy, Outlast, and other horror games making their way onto the hybrid console. There’s clearly a market for this genre on Nintendo Switch, so it’s always possible that Call of Cthulhu developer Cyanide Studios could look to port the game to the Switch, though no official word has been given. We guess we’ll have to find out in due course.