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How to Remove Black Ops 4 Resolution Black Bars

It seems that Black Ops 4 resolution black bars are becoming the bane of some PC players. Black Ops 4 users have taken to the internet to complain that their screens are being lined with black bars due to their screen resolution size. Is there a way to remove these from the screen and give yourself a much clearer image to see though?

Black Ops 4 Resolution Black Bars – What are They?

Just like you see on the screen at the cinema, black bars on the screen truncate the image that you’re seeing. Unlike watching a film on the big screen, however, gamers don’t take too kindly to this kind of resolution being on show on their TVs and monitors. It makes the image you can see much smaller and makes it harder for you to pick out enemies.

This disadvantage has left some Black Ops 4 players peeved that there isn’t a way to fix the issue and give themselves a bigger picture of their surroundings, especially in modes such as Blackout when it could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Black Ops 4 Resolution Black Bars – How to Fix

Thankfully, there’s a fix to this. One Reddit user – Enigma11142003 – replied to one disgruntled Black Ops 4 gamer about how to fix the problem using Nvidia. To fix the issue, you’ll first need to open up the Nvidia control panel. From here, you’ll want to locate the “adjust screen size” option and click on it.

Once that is opened, you can click on the ‘full screen’ option, which will enlarge the image you see and remove the black bars. Hit “apply” once that option is ticked, and the full screen aspect ratio should now be your default resolution. There could be the potential for any future Black Ops 4 updates or patches to switch this back, so make sure it hasn’t been every time the game is updated.