Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 Hit Detection Fix

Many Call of Duty Black Ops 4 fans have been taking to all sorts of internet forums and feeds to complain about the Black Ops 4 hit detection. For some, at least, it seems as though the shots they are taking are not hitting the enemies as they should. It’s not been a 100% smooth launch for Black Ops 4, with many reports of disconnections and crashes alongside a multitude of reported bugs.

Black Ops 4 Hit Detection – What is Going Wrong?

You’d like to think that the bullets you fire in shooting games would hit the enemies that you’re aiming at. According to plenty of players on Reddit, however, the opposite of this is happening in Black Ops 4. A quick look at the Black Ops 4 Reddit page suggests that hits not registering in Black Ops 4 is quite a wide-spread problem. Hits not registering in a shooting game can be caused by a multitude of things. If your connection is poor, it can affect such things, for example. Other potential reasons why your shots might not be registering in Black Ops 4 include:

  • Connection lag
  • TV lag
  • Poor networking in the game
  • Match host has a poor connection
  • In-game hitboxes might not be good enough

Black Ops 4 Hit Detection – Potential Fixes

Unfortunately, there are not too many ways in which you can improve Black Ops 4’s hit detection rates. It is an issue that has plagued Call of Duty titles in the past, and one that has been ironed out in patches. We’ll likely have to wait for a Black Ops 4 patch before the issue is solved once and for all. Until then, however, there a couple of quick fixes you can make to try and help fix the hit detection issues.

If your hit detection issues are caused by poor internet connection on your end, then you can easily upgrade to a faster provider or setup. Of course, this will likely cost you more money, so it’s entirely up to you. TV lag is another area you can fix yourself. You might be choosing to shoot, but your TV seems to pick it up later than you want. Many modern TVs come with a “Gaming” option in the settings. Turning this on may reduce any input lag you may be seeing.

Hopefully, Treyarch will release a Black Ops 4 patch soon that irons out any of the hit detection problems.