Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 Pre Order Bonus Not Received

Reports of the Black Ops 4 Pre Order bonus not being received by players who placed a pre order on Treyarch’s most recent title have surfaced online. Like many games nowadays, Black Opsoffered unique bonuses to players who pre ordered the game, as opposed to waiting until launch to purchase it. However, some players who placed pre-orders were not awarded their promised bonus. Here’s a guide on what to do if your Black Ops 4 Pre Order Bonus was not received.

Black Ops 4 Pre Order Bonus Not Received

There is one standout reason as to why players are not receiving their Black Ops 4 pre order bonus. For those of you who didn’t receive the bonus as a result of a bug, all you can do is wait for Treyarch to intervene, which it will in due time. However, the majority of those who didn’t receive a pre order bonus will be unable to receive it indefinitely, as the reason it wasn’t received is due to the fact that the game is shared with another player.

Many people game-share nowadays, which is essentially a way of splitting a game with a friend or family member. There’s nothing wrong with game-sharing—in fact, certain platforms emphatically enable it. For example, a player can have their own PS4, but set a different PS4 as their primary console. By doing so, any game purchased by that account will be available on both consoles. If the owner of the second console does the same thing in reverse, then any game purchased by either owner will be available on both.

A recent Reddit post drew attention to the fact that only one of the people sharing the game was awarded the bonus. This is because only the person who made the purchase is able to redeem the bonus. Both players have access to the game, as well as the Season Pass and associated DLC, but whatever is deemed to be the specific “pre order bonus” is only redeemable once, and only redeemable by the person who made the purchase.

This applies to all pre order bonuses and not just the bonus associated with Black Ops 4. Again, if you didn’t receive the bonus and you don’t share the game, Treyarch will likely provide a solution soon.