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Destiny 2 Guided Games – What Are Guided Games?

Destiny 2 has been out for a while, but players new and old still need a helping hand now and again. That was what the Guided Games feature was meant to be for, when it was announced way back at the game’s launch. But what are Destiny 2 Guided Games? How have they changed since the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken? How and where do you get tickets? We’ll do our best to answer.

What Are Destiny 2 Guided Games?

Destiny 2 Guided Games are a matchmaking feature for players to take on high-level endgame activities, such as Nightfall Strikes or Raids, with a Fireteam from a clan they may not otherwise be signed up for. This feature is meant to give solo players the chance to undertake all activities, regardless of whether they have a group to play with or not. Players can join Guided Games as a Seeker or Guide. A Seeker is a solo player searching for an end-game activity to play, and they should be teamed up with a Guide, who will join them and the Guide’s Fireteam on the mission they want to do.

Where Do I Get a Nightfall Guided Games Ticket?

Despite being announced at Destiny 2‘s launch, Guided Games is still in beta, and you’ll need a Nightfall Ticket to be a solo Seeker looking to try a weekly Nightfall Strike. The Postmaster at either the Farm or the Traveler will have your tickets. You will get 12 Nightfall Guided Games Tickets every week.

It’s important to note that these tickets are finite, and you will only get 12 every week. If you run out you will have to wait until you get sent another dozen tickets the following week, since there is no other way to obtain them right now. Therefore you should attempt to prioritize the activities you want to try with the Guided Games feature before going into it.