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Soul Calibur 6 Inferno Unlock – How to Get The Secret Character

Fans are currently wondering how to obtain the  Soul Calibur 6 Inferno unlock so they can play as the fearsome warrior. This living embodiment of the Soul Edge weapon has been in the series since the very first game, Soul Blade and has even received a fresh new look for his latest appearance in the sword fighting franchise. Let’s find out how to unlock him.

What Is the Soul Calibur 6 Inferno Unlock?

As mentioned prior, Inferno is the living embodiment of the Soul Edge, the central antagonist sword of the franchise. Previously he had been the final boss of the first three games in the Soul Calibur series. Not much is currently known of his fighting style, except that he may have a similar moveset to Nightmare. He also reportedly has some moves from the Soul Calibur 3 final bass, Night Terror. Inferno’s signature attacks of Roy D’ Angolmois and Roy D’ Effrayeur also return. Due to the fact that this character is so overpowered, he cannot be used in online play. Inferno can only be played in local multiplayer and singleplayer modes. You can see him in action in his reveal trailer below.

To obtain the Soul Calibur 6 Inferno unlock all you need to do is complete the 20th chapter of the Soul Chronicles mode. This is the game’s story mode. It re-tells the story of the first game since the sixth entry is in a new timeline. To get to this point, you will have to defeat Inferno himself in the previous part of the story. This battle will be fought on the Astral Chaos stage, and you will have to play as Kilik. Don’t worry though, chapter 20 will not have any fights in it so there is nothing to fear once you’ve beaten Inferno.

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