Football Manager 2019 Crashing – How to Fix

As with any beta version of a game, there seems to be a lot of Football Manager 2019 crashing going on. Players have taken to social media, the Sports Interactive community forums, and other places to seek advice on how to resolve the issue. It’s frustrating not being able to play a game you’ve waited ages for, even if it is only a beta. So, how do you go about finding a FM 19 crash fix?

Football Manager 2019 Crashing – What Issues are There?

Right now, a fair few. Players have reported that they’ve suffered crash dumps when trying to launch the game, crashes occurring when soccer matches are taking place, screen freezes when trying to run the title in full screen mode, when saving their game, and many more.

Naturally, issues like these will occur due to the fact that this is only a beta version, and not the final product. It’ll be helpful for Sports Interactive as they’ll want to fix these problems before the game launches on November 2. For players, however, it can be immensely annoying not to be able to even load the beta version.

Football Manager 2019 Crashing – How do I Fix My Issue?

Your best bet it to make Sports Interactive aware of the problems you’re facing. You can head to the “Crashes and Technical Issues” sub-forum on their community forums, and place a ticket in there. Offer as much detail as you can about your issue to help the team there try to get to the bottom of your problem. It may be a hassle having to do that, but SI know best when it comes to getting to the root of the problem.

Alternatively, you may find a solution on this handy thread. Sports Interactive’s staff have given a rundown on some of the most common crashes regarding Football Manager 2019 in one helpful place. If your issue is labelled in that thread, it’ll save you and them time in trying to get a fix for your issue. Hopefully that will help, and allow you to finally play the beta. Plus, there’s always the ol’ fallbacks: updating your driver, Windows Updates, running it in Administrator Mode, and re-installing your game can all pay dividends.