Football Manager 2019 Pre-Match Processing Glitch – How to Fix

Another Football Manager beta, and more bugs and fixes for Sports Interactive to resolve. One of the latest big issues is the Football Manager 2019 pre-match processing glitch, which plenty of players have sought a fix for. Is there a way to sort this issue out, and continue trying out the Football Manager 2019 beta?

Football Manager 2019 Pre-Match Processing Glitch – What is it?

Football Manager players have taken to the Sports Interactive forums to alert the game’s developers to a growing issue in the beta. Users such as eythross have revealed that they are unable to progress to matches, after viewing the “match preview” screen, and after selecting their team.

Eythross explained that the game is still responsive, so there’s no crash dump taking place. However, trying to navigate to match day, by clicking on the “Processing” button in the top right corner, throws players back to the “Match Preview” screen. With no option to save the game and re-load it again ahead of the upcoming match, players are having to force close Football Manager 2019 and re-do their work from a previous save point.

Football Manager 2019 Pre-Match Processing Glitch – How do I Fix it?

One of the forums’ administrators, Neil Brock, has posted a potential fix for players. The thread in question reveals that Sports Interactive is hard at work looking into the problem, but a possible way to sort the problem can be done via the ‘Preferences’ option on the game’s menu.

Once the “Preferences” menu is loaded, click on the “Interface” tab along the top left-hand side of the screen. Tick the box that reads “Reload skin when confirming changes in preferences,” and then click on “Reload skin,” which should now have appeared in the bottom right-hand corner. That should allow you to enter matches. If it doesn’t, you may be stuck until a patch can be brought out.