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Black Ops 4 Longshots – How to Get Easy Longshots

If you’re after the coveted Dark Matter camo in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 you might want to pay attention to this Black Ops 4 longshots guide. To unlock the hard-to-get Dark Matter camo, you need to unlock every single bit of camo for every gun in the game, which will no doubt take a good amount of time. We can offer some help with unlocking the sniper rifle skins, however. You’ll need to get headshots and unlock longshot medals with each sniper rifle to earn yourself the Dark Matter skin. Read on to find all our tips and tricks on how to get easy longshots in Black Ops 4.

Black Ops 4 Longshots – What are Longshot Medals?

Getting hold of every skin for every gun in Black Ops 4 will take some patience. Each one requires you to complete different tasks. Sniper rifles have you trying to pull off a set amount of longshots. You’ll know when you hit a longshot as a Medal will flash across the top of the screen.

Assault rifles, tactical rifles, and pistols sometimes ask you to bag a number of longshot medals to unlock skins, too. Below you’ll see a list of the distances required to hit a longshot with each weapon type (via Redditor jgod_316):

  • Assault Rifles: 50 meters
  • Pistols: 27 meters
  • Sniper Rifles: 52 meters
  • Tactical Rifles: 50 meters

Black Ops 4 Longshots – How to Get Easy Longshots

Everyone knows that the best way to earn longshots in Call of Duty games is to get yourself a nice hiding spot. There are good hiding spots in each Black Ops 4 map to go and camp in, waiting for enemies to enter into your line of sight. We’d recommend finding somewhere a little hidden, with a good, unobstructed view of what’s ahead. Another trick for accumulating longshots is to play in Hardcore. Playing Black Ops 4 Hardcore multiplayer modes will make it easier to kill your opponents in just one or two shots, even at distance.

Perks are your friend here, too. Equip perks such as Tracker (to see enemy footsteps) and Ghost (remain hidden from UAVs when moving) to remain hidden and see opponents easier. The last piece of advice we can give you is a simple one: equip your weapons with the best long-range sights. This will make picking enemies out all that much easier.