Football Manager 2019 Save Game Freeze – How to Fix

Betas for upcoming games are required for developers to fix huge issues before release, and Football Manager 2019 is no different. A big issue currently is the Football Manager 2019 save game freeze, which is preventing players from saving their games properly. Here’s our guide on how to fix the problem, and get back to winning matches to cement yourself at the top of the league.

Football Manager 2019 Save Game Freeze – What is it?

Some players have been unable to save their games properly due to Football Manager 2019 freezing. A thread started on the Sports Interactive forums by _tomgardner, revealed the issue many have encountered. Users have tried to save their games, but the progress bar at the top of the screen doesn’t budge after it initially begins to save.

Football Manager 2019 Save Game Freeze – How to Resolve

Sports Interactive has posted a list of possible fixes to the issue on their forums. The first thing that you should try is saving the game in a different location or folder. When saving your game, click on “Save As” instead of automatically clicking on “Save Game.” You can direct where the save file will write to then, such as your desktop. If this works, the problem lies in your Sports Interactive folder, and you can find out how to sort this via this solution instead.

If the problem isn’t resolved, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall your graphics drivers. If this doesn’t fix the save game freeze, you can try lowering the graphics quality outside of matches to resolve it. The final step is to check that your anti-virus software isn’t interfering. Make sure this isn’t configured to conflict with the game or Steam itself. If the problem continues to persist, you’ll need to file an error ticket with Sports Interactive here for personal help.