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Black Ops 4 Master Prestige – Rewards, Icon, and How Much XP?

While most of us are happy enough to plod through Call of Duty Black Ops 4 at our own pace, there are some people out there already knocking on the door of the Black Ops 4 Master Prestige. What is the Master Prestige in Black Ops 4? How much XP does it take to reach those dizzy heights? What are the Black Ops 4 Master Prestige rewards? How about that Master Prestige icon? Read on to find out all there is to know about the top level in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer.

Black Ops 4 Master Prestige – What is it?

In every Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare, we have been able to Prestige in multiplayer. We can do this once we reach level 55 in Black Ops 4, and all of the information regarding the system in the latest CoD can be found in our handy guide. Essentially, it works the same as it did in previous CoD games.

If you choose to Prestige, your rank will reset to Level 1, but Prestige Level 1. You’ll unlock new stuff for doing this (such as new custom class slots and permanent unlock tokens), so there is some point. A new icon will show the world just how good you are at the game, and you’ll keep hold of your weapon unlocks, carrying on your progress when unlocked again. There are ten Prestige levels in Black Ops 4 and a final Master Prestige after that. It’s a prestigious level to reach, we’ll give it that.

Black Ops 4 Master Prestige – How Much XP Does it Take?

Black Ops 4 Master Prestige

As you would have guessed, it takes a lot of time and XP to even Prestige once, let alone 11 times. In order to level up to Prestige 1, it’ll take a whopping 1,457,200 XP. You’ll need to do this ten more times in order to reach Master Prestige in Black Ops 4. This means that to reach Master Prestige you’ll need to earn a mind-bogglingly huge sum of 16,029,200 XP in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer. That’s a hell of a lot. Thankfully, Treyarch has added in new events and Double XP weekends since launch, which will help us to level up more quickly than before.

Aside from these new add-ons that will increase your XP, there are other ways of increasing the XP you gain from each match played. The simplest way to accumulate XP quickly in Black Ops 4 is to win Multiplayer matches. You receive a bonus every time you win a multiplayer match. The longer and more difficult the mode, the better. You can earn more XP for the better you do in each match. Get killstreaks, earn mission points, and earn medals to win more XP.

No matter how you play, however, you better get set for a long play session (or hundreds of them) if you’re after Master Prestige. Below, we’ll take a look at what reaching Master Prestige in Black Ops 4 will award you with, beginning with its icon.

Black Ops 4 Master Prestige – What is the Icon?

Black Ops 4 Master Prestige

While there aren’t many people out there already on Master Prestige in Black Ops 4, it hasn’t stopped Treyarch from revealing the icon you’ll unlock from climbing its lofty peak. Unfortunately, however, it looks as bland as the rest of the icons in the game. You’ll find an image of the Master Prestige icon above. Is it worth the 16,029,200 XP you need to garner to unlock it? We’ll leave that for you to decide. At least the crown is snazzy. What’s more, you’ll be able to freely edit any of the Prestige icons you’ve won up to and including the Master Prestige one upon reaching Prestige Master. This means that it won’t matter if you’re a fan of the icons or not.

Black Ops 4 Master Prestige Rewards – What Rewards Do We Get?

As with every Prestige Level in Black Ops 4, reaching Master Prestige will award you with several rewards, not least bragging rights among your peers and the ability to strike fear in all those who oppose you. Amazingly, someone has already reached Master Prestige Level in Black Ops 4. After hours (upon hours) of grinding away at Black Ops 4 Multiplayer, YouTuber DooM Clan became the first person to achieve Master Prestige in Black Ops 4.

According to that video, you’ll become a Prestige Master, but you’ll still be able to level up as a Prestige Master. You’ll be able to customize all of your Prestige icons and will continue to earn more as you level up. There appear to be 1,000 Levels of Master Prestige to unlock. Wow. To reach each level after Prestige Master, you’ll need to accrue 55,600 EXP, with 52,486,400 needed to reach Master Prestige Level 1,000.

As far as actual rewards go, you’ll unlock a Prestige Master Emblem Calling Card that looks like a Banshee screaming a bright green laser. It’s a cool Calling Card, but for all that effort, it doesn’t seem like that big a reward. Of course, as with any Prestige Level in Black Ops 4, all of your weapon customizations will be available as soon as you hit the relevant rank. Reaching Prestige Master will also net you with the maximum amount of custom class slots and permanent unlock tokens.

While the amount of actual rewards you’ll earn from reaching Master Prestige may seem small, the reward is reaching that level in of itself. Getting there will mean you likely have all of the weapon mods, attachments, and skins you could ever want. Reaching the Prestige Master is just about the pinnacle of Black Ops 4 bragging rights, and you’ll be the envy of everyone.