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Fallout 76 Beta Water Tap Blueprint – How to Obtain

Players are finding it fairly difficult to locate the Fallout 76 beta water tap blueprint on Xbox One. A vital commodity for the camp that you’re looking to build after you leave Vault 76 to rebuild the world, water is integral to keeping yourself and your fellow settlers alive. How do you go about getting the water tap blueprint though?

Fallout 76 Beta Water Tap Blueprint – How to Get it

According to a few Reddit users on one thread, who were replying to a thread posted by redAntMan, there are a couple of ways to get the Fallout 76 beta water tap blueprint. One Reddit member explained that you can obtain the blueprint by completing some quests in the game.

One of these missions is called “Thirst Things First.” After you sign up as a volunteer at base camp, you can select this quest from the list. After you complete all of the necessary steps, you’re rewarded with the water tap blueprint that will allow you to get the water flowing.

Fallout 76 Beta Water Tap Blueprint – Is There Another Way to Obtain it?

Most likely. A couple of other people replying to that same thread explained that they found the water tap blueprint out in the wild. It can apparently appear at random in chests that you open, with reports that the blueprint can be found in what’s known as “Overseer stashes” located around the map.

Another suggested that the blueprint would be something you could buy from a vendor, but there was no official confirmation that such a possibility exists in the beta version. There may be the option to buy the blueprint from a vendor if Bethesda plans to include one in the final version of Fallout 76, but for now your best bet is to complete that water quest or find the blueprint in a chest somewhere.