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Spider-Man New Game Plus Collectibles – Do They Carry Over?

Some gamers have been left wondering if the Spider-Man new game plus collectibles carry over from their original save. The game’s developer – Insomniac Games – have already revealed that the suits, gadgets, and other major items that players unlocked in their initial playthrough, will carry over into any new game plus save. What about the other bits though?

Spider-Man New Game Plus Collectibles – Which Collectibles are There?

If players want a break from the game’s campaign mode, or the joy of swinging through New York City, there are a host of collectible items that Spider-Man can pick up. The collectibles on offer in Spider-Man are called “tokens.” There are six varieties for players to unlock – backpacks, famous landmarks, crime, base, research, and challenge – and each is required to unlock the various suits, gadgets, and skills to take Peter Parker’s game to the next level.

Spider-Man New Game Plus Collectibles – Do They Carry Over?

It doesn’t appear so. Reddit user thisistim100 posted in the Spider-Man subreddit to ask if he would need to collect the tokens again if he started a New Game Plus save in the PS4 title. The sole response that he got, from fellow user I-Emerge-I, revealed that all the tokens would need to be located and picked up again, if he wanted to earn the 100% completion in New Game Plus.

It might seem strange that Insomniac Games would make players go and get all of the tokens that they had already accrued from their initial run through. However, not everyone will have unlocked every suit, skill, or gadget of Spider-Man’s. This may be the best way to round up those missing bits from your initial playthrough, so in a way it does make sense for you to have to find them again. Good luck hunting down the ones you missed out on originally.