Box art - Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Camp

Rockstar Games’ long-awaited Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now, and one of its most important new features is also the most understated. Similar to fellow open-world title Final Fantasy XV, Arthur Morgan can set up campsites in the game world. But, how do you make a Red Dead Redemption 2 camp, when do you get access to it, and why is making a campfire useful? We’ve got the answers.

How Do You Make a Camp in Red Dead Redemption 2?

You can make camp right from the beginning of RDR2, but you can’t just make it anywhere. You need to be a decent distance from any town or settlement to set up a campsite. To do it, get off your horse at the place you want to camp and access the inventory wheel with L1 or LB. Hold the stick down to highlight the camp option, and if it’s fine you’ll automatically go into camp.

Why Do You Need to Make Camp?

Much like in Final Fantasy 15, camping is extremely beneficial, even though here you don’t have Ignis to cook you delicious meals. Arthur Morgan can cook for himself instead, and you can craft various types of useful items too. If you so wish you can also pitch a tent, and no, we don’t mean that in the dirty way: quite literally you can put up a tent to sleep in.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons to set up camp in the game. If you make camp and sleep there, Morgan also refills all his health, his dead eye ability, and all his stamina cores. While you can’t do it in the middle of a firefight, making camp is one of the most useful recharge abilities you have in Red Dead Redemption 2. Well worth doing, especially when you’re far from civilization.