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Pokemon Go Paris Games Week – How to Catch Unown

A Pokemon Go Paris Games Week-exclusive mini event seems to have kicked off today in Paris, France. In honor of Paris Games WeekPokemon Go developer Niantic has added the Unown letters P, G, and W to the game on a temporary basis. The mysterious Unown debuted back in Pokemon Generation 2, and there’s one for each and every letter of the alphabet, as well as for some articles of punctuation. However, Unown have started to appear in relation to London Comic Con and PAX Australia now, too. Here’s how to catch Unown in Pokemon Go during Paris Games Week, London Comic Con, and PAX Australia 2018.

Pokemon Go Paris Games Week – How to Catch Unown recently confirmed that Unown had started to appear in Pokemon Go on Twitter, writing:

Serebii Update: The Unown letters of P, G & W are spawning around Paris, France this weekend to tie in with Paris Games Week. Details @

— (@SerebiiNet) October 26, 2018

However, Paris isn’t the only city that’s seen a surge in Unown activity. While Paris Games Week may have attracted the attention of the letters P, G, and W, London has also started to see some of the letters of the mysterious Pokemon:


Of course, PAX Australia couldn’t be left out; here’s what you can catch if you’re in Melbourne this weekend:

So, if you happen to be at Paris Games Week, London Comic Con, or PAX Australia this weekend, be sure to charge your phone before you leave the house, as you’ll have the opportunity to capture some incredibly rare and mysterious Pokemon around the vast metropolises of France, England, and Australia!