Football Manager 2019 Flickering Graphic Mac Glitch – How to Fix

Football Manager 2019 players are still finding bugs in the game’s beta. A new one that has been uncovered recently is the Football Manager 2019 flickering graphic Mac glitch. Just what exactly is this particular bug, and how do you go about fixing it? Here’s our guide on how to potentially solve this issue.

Football Manager 2019 Flickering Graphic Mac Glitch – What is it?

Players have been pointing out that, whilst watching matches or during random encounters with it on other screens, certain areas of the screen seem to glitch out and create disjointed shapes. One user on the Sports Interactive forums, named kevez27, posted a screenshot of what the issues looks like whilst playing on his Mac.

The screen grab shows a shadowy graphical error that runs diagonally down the bottom of the screen. As mentioned, this isn’t reserved for the match engine, and appears to be occurring at random on other in-game screens.

Football Manager 2019 Flickering Graphic Mac Glitch – How to Fix

To fix this problem, Sports Interactive have come up with a possible solution. Players with the bug can try and delete their preferences and cache folder in an effort to alleviate the issue or fix it entirely.

To do this, players will need to open “Finder” on their Mac. Click “Go” on the menu bar, and then press and hold down the “Option” key. Click on “Library”, and then head to the folder marked “Application Support.” Locate the “Sports Interactive” folder, click on this and then on the “Football Manager 2019” folder. Delete the “Preferences and/or Cache folder” present in there. Relaunching the game will bring these folders back, so don’t fret if you see them pop up again once you load the game.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, then it’s best to head to the Sports Interactive forums and lodge your ticket with them directly. The administrators should be able to help your individual case from there.