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FIFA 19 Searching for Opponent Error: Are Servers Down?

We’ve all been there. You get home from a long day and just want to search for your next FIFA 19 opponent. Just as you prepare to jump onto the virtual pitch, an error pops up, putting your footie plans to a halt. If you’re getting a message that reads “An unexpected error occurred while attempting the club operation” as you hop into Pro Clubs, you’re not alone. As noted in several spots on Reddit, it seems like the server for EA’s popular multiplayer soccer title is down as of now. Here’s all the information we know about the FIFA 19 Searching for Opponent Error.

Players seem to be saying that the issue is happening in the mode in co-op as well as single player. Some players are getting past the loading screen into an arena, but then the game stops there. Others are just getting an error message up front with no recourse on how to move forward. In any case, it’s clear that there’s some work to be done.

FIFA 19 Searching for Opponent – How To Check Server Status

The first place to head to is the game’s official help site. EA will post any detailed notes about possible server errors there. As with any issue with a server being down, we also recommend heading over to Down Detector. The site gives you a great overview of where problems are occurring at any given time. It also houses a running feed of comments from other gamers that may have the same issue. You can check in on the status 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or at least until the problem becomes fixed. Whatever comes first.

Another place you’ll want to check in on is the game’s official Twitter feed. If the problem with Pro Clubs happens to become a serious issue, the team at Electronic Arts are sure to post an update there. You’ll also get news in case the problem is because of scheduled maintenance occurring. Also, any other changes to the online status of the game will be communicated via FIFA‘s social network presence. So if you want to clear “An unexpected error occurred while attempting the club operation” off your screen, keep checking those feeds. That’s the first place we’ll find out more about the FIFA 19 Searching for Opponent Error.