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How to defeat the corrupted Guardian

When you have to go from the arena and confront the Corrupted Guardian you ride your horse towards the corrupted Guardian shoot at his arm as a stay shot can hit his arm. The Guardian will raise his arm and smash it into the ground which you try and avoid and as his Arm smashes into the ground his arm is vulnerable as a target as the crystals will explode the crystals on his arm you have a got shot at hitting his extended arm which will explode

His arm being extended you will see the yellow explosive crystals and you'll use your gun to try and hit them so that they explode & he collapses to the ground in pieces. Ride your horse to the front of him and look for the glowing Crystal and you & dismount & using your glowing armband and it will pull you to the crystal which will allow you to strike the crystal twice before the Guardian can react.

The Guardian will arise and you’re back on the horse and try avoiding him as he'll try to kill you. You keep moving around him and keep shooting at him and he'll use his left arm to shoot a glowing studded power ball that you have to avoid as it is like a heat seeking missile as it rolls around the ground & Death moves in between the Corrupted guardian legs & the ball will eventually come towards the Guardian and bring him down.

Step 2 _ Once he's down, you move once again to his crumbled form and use your glowing purple arm to go after the first crystal and a few taps and his left arm is now off. With only one arm he only has the right weapon which he'll use to fire the power ball and keep riding around as it will take a few quick moves as the ball will eventually come back and knock the Guardian back to its tumbled form. Located the leg or arm as you'll notice a few ledges with a post and run towards the structure and scale up towards the wooden post.

Once perched on the wooden beam jump towards the crystal & after a few swings of you weapons jump down as the Guardian will once again arise and repeat Step 2 the second position as his power ball will eventually bring him down and you climb up the leg and the second time will bring him down as he stands up and crumbles to the ground.

Now it is just matter of a set scene changes as it is a short scene where Death emerges in the rubble and the one remaining corrupted crystal suddenly comes back to life, but Death simples jumps up and strikes the crystal and you've won. The Earthen Wizard emerges and says he must restore him back to life which at a cost of his life and newly restored Guardian goes and destroys the Corruption that is blocking the passage to the tree of life.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Aerial Predator (Bronze)Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast
An Old Friend (Bronze)Collect Mercy
Ashes to Ashes (Silver)Defeat the Stygian
Balance Restored (Gold)Defeat the game on NORMAL
Battle Hardened (Silver)Max out all weapons & unlock all combat moves
BFA (Platinum)Unlocked EVERYTHING
Chasm Jumper (Bronze)Collect the Shadowflight Ability
Dark Rider (Bronze)Ride for 100 miles
Death Dealer (Bronze)Meet Vulgrum
Devastator (Bronze)Kill 10 enemies with one blade geyser wrath attack
Don’t Make Me Angry (Bronze)Collect the Chaos Form Ability
Elemental Thief (Bronze)Collect the Crossblade
Full Power (Silver)Collect the maximum amount of lifestones
High Flier (Bronze)Kill 5 duskwings without touching the ground
Horseman (Bronze)Kill 150 Demons from horseback
Improvised Kills (Bronze)Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment
Into The Void (Bronze)Collect Voidwalker
Legendary Form (Silver)Collect the Abyssum Armor Set
Like A Bat Outta Hell (Silver)Defeat Tiamat
One Mean Mother (Silver)Defeat Silitha
One Tough Cookie (Bronze)Meet Ulthane
Open Air Parking (Bronze)Taking out a helicopter with a car, during the apocalypse
Payback’s A B**** (Silver)Defeat Straga
Prison Break (Bronze)Free Samael from his prison
Reach Out & Touch Somebody (Bronze)Collect the Abyssal Chain
Reaper (Bronze)Collect the Scythe
Reunited (Bronze)Obtain Ruin
River of Blood (Bronze)Shed 3000 gallons of demon blood
Rocked Your Face Off (Silver)Defeat the Griever
Sight Beyond Sight (Bronze)Collect the Mask of Shadows
Slayer (Bronze)Kill 666 Demons
The Final Challenger (Silver)Defeat the Destroyer
The True Horseman (Gold)Defeat the game on APOCALYPTIC
Time Lapse (Bronze)Collect the Chronomancer Ability
To Move A Mountain (Bronze)Collect the Earthcaller
Treasure Hunter (Silver)Search 150 chests
Tremor Bringer (Bronze)Collect the Tremor Gauntlet
Ultimate Blade (Silver)Forge the Armageddon Blade
Who’s Counting? (Bronze)Defeating more Angels than Ulthane
World Raider (Silver)Collect all 27 Artifacts
Wrath Machine (Bronze)Collect all the Wrath Powers
Wrath of War (Silver)Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores
You Call That Easy (Gold)Complete the game on EASY

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Enter codes through the options tab while paused.

The Hollow LordHarvester unlocked at the shop for 0 souls