Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 COD Points – What to Buy

Treyarch has finally flipped the switch on the Black Ops 4 Call of Duty Points. Players can now buy some good ol’ fashion COD Points like they have been able to since the previous Black Ops. These microtransactions let players do a few different things. And it’s not immediately apparently what COD Points are or how you can spend your COD Points. But we can help. Here’s what you can currently do with your Black Ops 4 COD Points. (These are also only currently live for the PS4 version of the game.)

Black Ops 4 COD Points – Pricing Structure

Black Ops 4 COD Points - What to Buy

These points translate as such:

200 COD Points is $1.99

1,000 COD Points is $9.99

2,400 COD Points is $19.99

5,000 COD Points is $39.99

13,000 COD Points is $99.99

Black Ops 4 COD Points – Where You Can Buy Them

These are located in the in-game store on the right side of the first menu page or in your console’s main digital store. The Black Ops 4 COD Points are only currently live on PS4 though with other platforms soon to follow. You may have also received Black Ops 4 COD Points for buying special versions of the game. For example, digital standard edition (the main $59.99 version) buyers automatically got 1,100 COD Points.

Black Ops 4 COD Points – What You Can Buy

Black Ops 4 COD Points - What to Buy

There are multiple ways to spend your points in Black Ops 4. You can buy tiers in the Black Market. It costs 100 points per tier. There are 200 total tiers per season. And if there is an event going on (like the current Halloween one), purchasing tiers also unlocks those special items along with the standard tier.

Special Orders are another way to spend your COD Points. These are special time-limited items in the tiers menu that cost a few different cosmetic items for your Specialists. The rare items are currently 500 COD Points and the Legendary ones are 800 and each last about three full days before they expire.