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Pokemon Go Gengar Day – Which Gastly Should I Evolve?

Pokemon Go Gengar Day is taking place this Saturday, November 3. Gengar Day will be a worldwide event, which will allow players to evolve their Haunters into legacy Gengars with the moves Lick and Psychic. Also, players will be able to get their hands on up to five free Raid Passes, which they can use to take on Tier 4 Raid Boss Gengars. Here’s everything you need to know about Gengar Day, including information on which Gastly to evolve in order to get the best legacy Gengar available.

Pokemon Go Gengar Day – Which Gastly Should I Evolve?

Pokemon Go Gengar Day will be centered on a Special Raid Challenge involving Gengar. Taking place on November 3, the event will last for three hours. The times at which the event will take place are as follows:

  • Asia/Ausralia/New Zealand: 12 PM to 3 PM JST.
  • Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India: 10 AM to 1 PM GMT
  • North America, South America, and Greenland: 11 AM to 2 PM PDT, 2 PM to 5 PM ET.

This one-day Raid will offer players up to five free Raid Passes with which they can take on the Raid-exclusive legacy Gengar that knows Lick and Psychic. Also, players will be able to encounter Shiny Gengar if they’re lucky. Be very careful—Shiny Gengar looks very similar to regular Gengar. You can tell the difference by examining the texture of Gengar’s purple color; a clear, vibrant purple marks a regular Gengar, whereas a more sooty color in which the shadows border on black marks a Shiny one.

Also, another important thing to remember that if you’re taking on Gengar as a Tier 4 Raid Boss, it will be stronger if the weather is foggy or cloudy. This will make it more difficult to take down, but it also makes it more desirable as a Pokemon to catch and add to your team. So, with the Raid mechanics established, let’s move on to the other way of getting yourself a powerful Gengar—by evolving Haunter.

Pokemon Go Gengar Day – Which Gastly Should I Evolve?

If you have a lot of Gastlys and a lot of candy after the recent double candy feature that was launched in association with Halloween, you’ll likely be wondering which Gastly you should spend your candy on. Although you may have a low level Gastly with perfect IVs, it isn’t worth the stardust to evolve them and power them up to a suitable and viable level. Therefore, you’re better off evolving one of your high level Gastlys with mid-to-high IVs.

This way, you’ll save stardust and get a stronger Gengar in the process. If you have a Gastly with stats of 13-15s across the board that’s also a decent level, that’s the one you should be pumping candy and dust into. If you’re lucky, you might even get a Shiny Gengar in the process!

Pokemon Go Gengar Day – Gengar Raid Counters

Although Gengar is one of the best counters to Gengar, your Gengar might lose out to the current Tier 4 Raid Gengar for the reason that makes it viable in the first place. Although you may be lucky enough to have a legacy Shadow Claw Gengar, Lick is a Fast Move with stats that makes it a very close second to Shadow Claw, losing out on power and damage-per-second alone. If your Gengar is even remotely frail, the Tier 4 Raid Gengar will annihilate it in a split second.

Your best bets for counters are Mewtwo (especially legacy Shadow Ball Mewtwo), Espeon, and, if you happen to have a relatively bulky one, Alakazam. Tyranitar is also a good bet, especially if you’ve got one with dual Dark-type moves.

Gengar is usually a Tier 3 Raid Boss, but remember that its ascension to Tier 4 is worth taking precautions for. Don’t attempt this Raid alone. With one or two other powerful trainers, defeating Gengar will be a breeze. On your own, you’ll likely waste a Raid Pass and possibly even lose out on a Shiny Gengar!

Pokemon Go Gengar Day will take place on November 3, 2018 and will last for three hours, with all of the relevant times being mentioned above.