Football Manager 2019 Brexit Option – How to Disable

Football Manager 2019 is officially out, and players have been wondering if there’s a way to turn off the Football Manager 2019 Brexit option. In last year’s installment, players found a way to circumnavigate potential work permit problems by disabling the Brexit effect on their saves. Is there a way to remove or stop Brexit in Football Manager 2019 this time around too?

Football Manager 2019 Brexit Option – What is it?

With Brexit coming into force in March 2019, Sports Interactive took the decision to include this as a feature in Football Manager 2018. Once players hit a certain point in their save, a news message would pop up in their inbox to tell them which type of Brexit deal would be greenlit in their save file.

This led to some players being able to get work permits for overseas soccer players much more easily than others, as the Brexit effect worked differently from save to save. Some users became unhappy at this, but a fail safe was found in Football Manager 2018’s in-game editor. Players had the option to disable Brexit using the editor, and prevent any issues regarding work permits.

Football Manager 2019 Brexit Option – Can I Disable it?

It doesn’t appear so. A thread was posted to the Sports Interactive forums, after Football Manager 2019’s full release, asking if there was a way to turn off Brexit in the game.

The replies to the thread’s creator – bboy – seemed to suggest that Sports Interactive have opted to remove the disabling Brexit feature from the database editor. This has led to some players voicing their displeasure at having Brexit forced upon them in their saves.

There is an apparent Steam Workshop file going around that players can download and install that turns Brexit off, but whether it actually works is unclear as of writing. It looks like most players will be stuck with Brexit for this year, unless Sports Interactive patch an option to disable it into the game in a future update.