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Mass Effect 2 DLC FAQ

Written by:  Brian Williams
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Copyright 2010 Brian Williams
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This guide is meant as a walkthrough for the available downloadable content
(DLC) that unlocks new missions/areas. As more DLC is released this guide will
be updated.

To easily navigate this guide, simply use the code given to the right of any
table entry with the CNTL+F function.

       *Section*                       *Code*
I.     Normandy Crash Site             NRMNDY
II.    Zaeed                           ZAEED!
III.   Version History                 VERHIS

*Normandy Crash Site*                  NRMNDY

Head over to the Omega Nebula and travel to the Amada System to find Alchera,
the site of the SSV Normandy SR-1 crash. After probing the anomaly and landing,
move straight ahead to the right of the right with a piece of the Normandy hull
sticking up from it and look left for [DOG TAG 01]. Go back the way you came
and grab [DOG TAG 02] as you hit the area wall. Turn right and follow along the
wall with it on your left to run into [DOG TAG 03]. Place the monument here 
using your B Button.

Now turn around and follow along the wall, with it on your right this time,
until you come to the Normandy Cockpit. Head inside to find [DOG TAG 04] on
your right. Turn right after leaving the cockpit and check the right side of
the nearest rock cluster to find [DOG TAG 05]. Continue following the area
wall until you come to a risen shelf on your right. just below the shelf you
can grab some [REFINED ELEMENT ZERO]. Head up onto the shelf and destroy the
fragile crate to find [DOG TAG 06].

Drop down from the shelf and continue around the area perimeter, with the area
wall to your right. As you pass the large circular mound, look to your left to
find [DOG TAG 07]. Continue ahead to find another shelf on your right. Climb
onto the shelf and walk back towards the way you came to find [N7 HELMET].
Return to where you climbed onto the shelf and turn right towards the piece
of wreckage for [DOG TAG 08]. Walk a little farther to find Pressley's Datapad.

Continue along the perimeter, with the area wall to your right, to find [DOG
TAG 09] lying on the ground. Immediately after grabbing the ninth tag, look
left towards the Mako to find [DOG TAG 10]. Immediately turn southwest from
the Mako (you can bring up a small radar by pressing and holding the right
stick) to see [DOG TAG 11] near the area wall. Turn right to find [REFINED

Proceed with the area wall on your right to find [DOG TAG 12]. Turn back and
keep the dropoff on your right. When you near a ship piece, move just to the
right of it and check on your left to find [DOG TAG 13]. Now move into the ship
piece and check the right side for [DOG TAG 14]. Head out of the other side of
the ship and head to the right. When able, turn right again and vault onto
the shelf of land. Destroy the fragile crate to receive [DOG TAG 15]. Turn
around to see another fragile crate off a little distance. Travel over and
destroy it for [DOG TAG 16]. Just to the side of this crate, down from the
shelf it's on, you can find more [REFINED ELEMENT ZERO].

Turn south and head between the two large rocks. Turn right and grab [DOG TAG
17]. Destroy the nearby fragile crate for [DOG TAG 18]. Look northeast from
this crate to find some [REFINED ELEMENT ZERO]. Go back towards the crate you
recently destroyed and head for the large rock ahead. Just past the rock, on
the right, is [DOG TAG 19]. Move into the large ship piece to find the last
item, [DOG TAG 20].

*Zaeed*                                ZAEED!

-I would recommend using Miranda on his mission as her Overload and Warp
abilities work wonders on the mech you will face near the end.

Recruit Zaeed on Omega, he'll be straight ahead of you. If you agree to help
with his assignment first you can do so immediately after recruiting him, 
gaining his loyalty. Travel to the Ismar Frontier Nebula and make your way
over to planet Zorya in the Faia System. After landing, follow the path and
investigate the dead bodies. Continue along the path and past the monkeys
until you come to a more open area with enemies. Once you head up the first
staircase, continue forward under the walkway to find a med kit. Turn around
and head towards the right to continue along the path, examining the PDA on
the way. Activate the bridge control for a scene with Zaeed, then proceed.

Follow the pathway and grab the [REFINED PALLADIUM] near the rock on your left.
Head to the doorway and watch the scene. When you regain control immediately
turn left to find more [REFINED PALLADIUM]. Move ahead and kill the two
enemies. Follow the pathway and when you hit a split, turn right for more
[REFINED PALLADIUM]. Head to the doorway for a scene. I recommend saving the
colonists for a couple of extra salvages/upgrades. If you are on a Paragon run
you can still earn Zaeed's loyalty while rescuing the workers. Otherwise, as
far as I know, you must choose to chase Vido.

Just run through the area, hitting the fuel valve control switches along the
way. After you hit the second switch, look ahead and to the right to salvage
a pipe. Continue on the path and hit the third fuel valve control station and
move up the stairs. Head through the door and activate the fire extinguisher
controls. Before you go through the next door grab the nearby weapon upgrade.
Head through the door and continue forward. After dropping to another area grab
the [BLACKSTORM-451] flamethrower and move to the next room. Kill the enemies
and examine the datapad before going through the door.

In the next large room go down the stairs to the right and be ready for a
fight. After you kill a few henchman one of the fuel tanks on the ceiling will
ignite. Shoot it down. Kill a few more enemies and the other tank will ignite.
Shoot it down as well. Once you've cleared this initial block of enemies move
and get behind the central cover, as a large mech will be deployed. Keep moving
and stay behind cover until he goes down. Before going down the next set of
stairs go through each of the doors on the right and left of the upper area
(where enemies came out at the beginning of the battle) to find two separate
salvages. Go down the stairs and ignore the two doors on the right and left
here, they are empty. Move across the bridge and through the door for a scene.

Using the Paragon option when offered will allow you to gain Zaeed's loyalty 
and unlock the Revenge! achievement. Other options on the right have been
reported to me to fail in gaining his loyalty. (Thanks to GamerTag
ChaoticIrishman for confirmation.)

*Version History*                      VERHIS

Initial version submitted to

Clarified Zaeed mission final choice.