Box art - Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 No Map Vote

How can there be a Battlefield 5 no map vote function? That is exactly what is going to happen at the game’s launch. Online shooters typically have a map voting function in-between each match on any given mode. Battlefield 5 will be eschewing this traditional method of map choice upon its launch, at least.

Battlefield 5 No Map Vote – Why Isn’t There a Map Vote System in Battlefield 5?

At launch, there will only be eight multiplayer maps in Battlefield 5. While this is a solid amount, there aren’t too many to choose from in any given multiplayer mode. EA and DICE will simply be wanting every player to be able to play on any map via a map rotation system. More often than not, when playing an FPS online, you’ll be given the option to vote between two or three maps in-between matches. This can mean that you simply won’t play on some maps very often, as for one reason or another, they are deemed unpopular by the game’s fans.

Some shooting games already offer a map rotation system. Splatoon 2, for example rotates between its maps every couple of hours on each mode. Perhaps Battlefield 5 will adopt a similar system.

Battlefield 5 Can’t Choose Multiplayer Map – Will Map Vote Ever Come to Battlefield 5?

While Battlefield 5 won’t have map voting available upon its launch, it could potentially come to the game later down the line. Taking to Reddit, as part of an AMAA, Dan Mitre explained that map voting “will not be available at launch.” There is no reason, however,why it couldn’t be added to the game at a later date. More maps will be added to Battlefield 5 after release as part of DLC, and a map vote system along the lines of Battlefield 1 could well be a part of any such updates.

Of course, we’ll update this post to let you know if EA and DICE do add a Battlefield 5 map vote system into the game.