Star Ocean The Last Hope: International Trophies


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Advanced Battler (Bronze)Obtain 75% of all battle trophies.
Arms Addict (Bronze)Collect 100% of all weapon data.
Aspiring Architect (Bronze)Create 40% of all possible items.
Creative Craftsman (Bronze)Create 60% of all possible items.
Creature Collector (Bronze)Collect 50% of all monster data.
Dilettante Designer (Bronze)Create 20% of all possible items.
Dutiful Deliverer (Silver)Compelte 100% of all quests.
Errand Boy (Bronze)Complete 50% of all quests.
Inspired Inventor (Bronze)Create 80% of all possible items.
Master Battler (Silver)Obtain 90% of all battle trophies.
Monster Master (Silver)Collect 100% of all monster data.
Practiced Battler (Bronze)Obtain 30% of all battle trophies.
Rookie Battler (Bronze)Obtain 15% of all battle trophies.
Seasoned Battler (Bronze)Obtain 60% of all battle trophies.
Ship Savant (Bronze)Collect 100% of all spaceship data.
Skilled Battler (Bronze)Obtain 45% of all battle trophies.
STAR OCEAN® THE LAST HOPE® -INTERNATIONAL- Platinum Trophy (Platinum)Congratulations! You've collected every last STAR OCEAN® THE LAST HOPE® -INTERNATIONAL- trophy!
Treasure Hoarder (Silver)Open 100% of all treasure chests.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Open 50% of all treasure chests.
Ultimate Battler (Silver)Obtain 100% of all battle trophies.
World's Biggest Welch Fan (Silver)Create 100% of all possible items.