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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time Today (November 6) – What’s Changed?

The Destiny 2 weekly reset time today, November 6, is actually different than every single reset for the past six months. That’s because Daylight Savings Time has been and gone, the clocks have gone back and, with it, comes a new answer to the question “When is the Destiny 2 reset?” Below, we’ll go through what the new reset time is, as well as what changes in the Destiny 2 weekly reset, and whether you’ll be logged out.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time Today (November 6) – When is the Reset?

As per the Bungie Weekly Ritual hub, we’re now on Standard Time across (most) time zones, which means a slight shift. The weekly reset is now set at 9 AM Pacific/12 PM Eastern/5 PM GMT. For reference, everything prior to November was 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern/6 PM BST. So, if you have a weekly reminder set, now would be the time to change it.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time Today (November 6) – What’s Changed?

Bungie has also included a list of changes in the link above, with undoubtedly the main one being that Xur, who so often brings us cracking Exotics every Friday, leaves the game for the next 72 hours.  He probably has an important meeting, but I digress. After all, he’s back on Friday and you can find his exact location here on GameRevolution just minutes after his arrival.

Here’s what is changing after the Destiny 2 weekly reset:

  • Call to Arms Crucible Challenge
  • Destination Flashpoints
  • Raid Challenge Encounters
  • Raid Checkpoints
  • Dreaming City Powerful Rewards
  • Spider’s Powerful Bounty
  • Gambit Powerful Bounty
  • Gambit Weekly Challenge
  • Nightfall Strike
  • Weekly Clan Engrams
  • Weekly Clan XP Caps
  • Eververse Bright Dust and Prismatic Matrix Selections

In essence, the weekly reset acts as a mini-refresh to keep the core gameplay loop compelling enough to see players returning for more. The Nightfall Strike, in particular, as always the highlight of many a Fireteam’s week and can be accessed from the game’s Director menu.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time Today (November 6) – Will I Be Logged Out?

While the weekly reset, traditionally, doesn’t mean players will be kicked from activities, the inclusion of hotfix this week means that, eventually, you’ll be whisked away to the title screen for the update to take effect. So, while the weekly reset at 10 am Pacific won’t log you out, per se, staying in Destiny 2 past 12 PM Pacific/3 PM Eastern/8 PM GMT will see you removed from the game very briefly.