Greed Corp Achievements


Unlockable                           How to Unlock
Daylight Saving (5)Win a match without the time expiring in any turn (Skilled/Expert)
Fear of Flying (20)Win a match without using a carrier (Empire campaign)
Financially Independent (20)Win a match before the supporting funds go up (Skilled/Expert)
Global Warfare (25)Complete the entire campaign
Got it Covered (10)Build enough armed cannons to cover all remaining tiles in the map (Skilled/Expert)
Island of Doom (10)Destroy an enemy island of at least 3 tiles by strategically placing a harvester (Pirate campaign)
Lost in the Wave (5)Destroy an enemy unit or building with a chain reaction (Freemen campaign)
Manual Override (30)Win while only losing harvesters through self-destruct, own 1 or more each turn (4P, Skilled/Expert)
Moving through the Ranks (20)Earn 9 titles
One at a Time (20)Win by fighting all enemies 1 at a time (4P, Skilled/Expert)
Use it Wisely (20)Earn a combination of credits, tiles and carriers as an elimination bonus (Skilled/Expert)
With Cannon, you can (15)Fire a free shell from a free cannon at the enemy you captured it from (Cartel campaign)