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Hitman 2 – How Long to Beat, How Many Missions

While a Hitman 2 came out in 2002, the newest Hitman 2 is the follow-up to 2016’s episodic entry. But this newest game doesn’t have episodes so it can be difficult to know how many missions are in Hitman 2 and how long it it takes to beat. While your playtime may vary depending on how methodical you are, we can try to give you a rough estimate of how long Hitman 2 takes to beat along with how many missions are in the game.

How Many Missions Are in Hitman 2?

Hitman 2 - How Long to Beat, How Many Missions

Hitman 2 has six different core missions, two tutorial areas, and a sniper map. But they aren’t that cut and dried.

Of the six main maps, one (Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand) is a small-scale tutorial-esque mission that is just a medium-sized house on the beach. The other five are huge maps and are the bulk of the game. They take place in Miami, Florida; Santa Fortuna, Colombia; Mumbai, India; Whittleton Creek, Vermont; and the Isle of Sgàil in the Atlantic Ocean. Santa Fortuna and Whittleton Creek are not real places but only based on places in those countries. The Isle of Sgàil is also of IO Interactive’s mind and has no attached country.

The two tutorial missions are almost straight from the last Hitman game. Those take place on a fake boat and on an ICA facility.

The sniper map is from the pre-order bonus the game had earlier this year. It takes place in Himmelstein, Austria, which is also not a real place.

Hitman 2 can also have the six locations from the last Hitman game if you have the correct Legacy Pack installed or if you buy the upgrade pack that transfers your Hitman content to Hitman 2. Hitman had a few different purchasing methods (Game of the Year Edition, season pass, individual episodes) so be sure to pick the right one.

How Long is Hitman 2?

This one can be tricky to answer because Hitman 2 depends on how slowly you want to take each missions. Levels are quite big with multiple routes and most people will probably take a little over an hour or two on their first run. It is more or less comparable in length to the last Hitman game, which was about seven to 11 hours, depending on your speed. Of course, Hitman in general is all about replaying levels so that might just cover only your first run.