Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC Cheats


Freedom Fighters an Easy Completion

When you are at the spot where you have to proceed to El Capacito, tell your men to go to the big pointy statue in the center and take cover. Then, proceed to shoot down the helicopter first before continuing. A few RPGs will be required before it will go down. If you run out of RPGs, go back to the previous spot where you had to shoot the APC vehicle to get more supplies.

Unlock Characters

Kane in Fragile Alliance - When You reach rank 35.

Lynch in Fragile Alliance - When You reach rank 30.


When You complete each of the achievement You'll get the allotted gamerscore.

A Lot (15)  -  Escape with $1,500,000 from a Fragile Alliance heist.

Mercenary (15)  -  Complete one session in each Fragile Alliance scenario.

Rush Hour (15)  -  Escape in all rounds of a Fragile Alliance session.

Behemoth (10) -   Stop the roaring beast.

Bulletproof (10)  -  Avoid using adrenaline on a level.

By the Grace of... (10)  -  Lynch puts them out of their misery.

Crime Buster (10)  -  Kill 10 traitors in Fragile Alliance.

Fragile Alliance (10) -   Complete the first level in co-op.

Headmaster (10)  -  47 headshots.

Hindsight (10)  -  Get that bird out of the sky.

Return to Sender (10)  -  Throw back enemy grenades.

Family Member (5) -   Complete a Fragile Alliance session.

Some (5) -   Escape with $50,000 from a Fragile Alliance heist.

Sweet Revenge (5)  -  Get personal revenge in Fragile Alliance.

Celebrity (0)  -  Play as Lynch in Fragile Alliance.

True Elite (0)  -  Play as Kane in Fragile Alliance.