DRIV3R PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

The following cheat requires file altering so please make a backup copy before You proceed. Now, open the ProfileData file in a hex editor and change the hexadecimal values at the following locations from 00 to 01 to "Unlock" that cheat's toggle in the Cheats menu: 1A4 - Unlocks the Cheat Menu itself.

196 - All Missions

198 - All weapons

19A - Unlimited Ammo

19C - Invincibility (In Take-A-Ride)

19E - Immunity

1A2 - All Vehicles


18 Wheeler Havoc

Kill all ten Timmy Vermicellis in Miami. Go to the Miami armory and You'll be able to activate the "18 Wheeler Havoc" option.

Fugitive Mode

For this mode You'll ahve to kill all ten Timmy Vermicellis in Nice. Then go to the Miami armory to activate the "Fugitive Mode" option. All pedestrians have weapons in this mode.

Timmy Vermicellis

In Miami, Nice and Istanbul, there are ten hidden characters called "Timmy Vermicelli". They have a striking resemblance to Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and they are equipped with a machine gun. They have big hands, referencing Rockstar's portrayal of Tanner in The Driver mission in Grand Theft Auto 3. He also has swimming armbands, relating to the fact you cannot swim in Grand Theft Auto. To kill the Timmy Vermicellis easily, use your grenade launcher then stand back and watch him explode.

Miami: GT-40

Begin at Tanner's house and look at the map. Go onto the first big bridge seen on the map. In the middle of that bridge, follow the first street to the right. Enter the garage at the end of that street to find a car that resembles a Ford GT-40.

Miami: Shelby Cobra

Goto the safehouse near Little Havana, the motel room. Take the short road that leads directly south in front of the safehouse. Take a left at the end and look for a small unmarked sideroad on your right. Follow this into the construction area from one of the undercover missions. Follow this road to the end where it turns right. Make a quick left and then another left when you come to the edge of the water. Look to the left in a small alley near the brick building on your left for a car that resembles a Shelby Cobra.

Miami: Dodge Island

It is possible to reach Dodge Island by boat, but there is nothing on it.

Miami: Go-Kart track

The Go-Kart track where you find the Go-Kart can also be used with many other vehicles. The only limitations are that the vehicle can drive on land and can fit through the tunnels to reach it. If you use the car that you started Take A Ride mode with, the timer will not start for you.

Miami: Skate park

Go to the southern-most point in Miami. Turn around and take the first left turn. Follow the road until it ends then turn left. There should be an opening in the fence. Turn right at the end and go past some dumpsters (the kind with ramps on them). Drive on the sidewalk until you see a large gray wall. There should be two blue pieces of wood set up like a ramp. Go up the ramp. You should land in a big curved halfpipe. Go forward up a hill with benches on it. There will be a skating-pool. To your right will be a regular halfpipe.

Miami: Bridge control

You can raise and lower the drawbridge. Go into the control towers at either end of the bridge. Walk up to the controls and press [Action].

Miami: Ride on train tracks

Get a motorcycle and follow the tracks above you until you find steps. You can go up the stairs and ride on the tracks. The trains are slow.

Miami: Pong arcade game

Go to the shopping mall in Miami to find a Pong arcade game.

Nice: Hippie Van

In Take A Ride mode, choose Nice and drive to the top of "Cagnes Sur Mer" in the west. When you have driven up the last hill you will see a garage on your left side. Walk towards it and it will open. You will find a "hippie" van inside.

In Take A Ride Mode, select the point to the left of the map. Then, go to the castle. Go inside the castle courtyard and look around. You will see a blue garage door. The hippie van is inside.

Nice: Timmy Vermicellis

Go to the airport and ascend the air controller tower. It is the only big tower in the airport. Be careful and be ready to shoot when you reach the top. He is located there.

From the western-most starting point, do a 180 degree turn and look for a driveway on the right side of the road just before the underpass. Go up the drive and towards the right is an open building with a fence around it. Look inside along the upper catwalk for a Timmy Vermicelli.

Use the second starting point from the left side of the map. Follow the road straight north. When it becomes very curvy, listen for a bell. Look on the right side of the road for an opening in the fence. When you find the building where the bell is sounding, check the side for a Timmy Vermicelli.

Go to the southwest corner of the large gray "U"-shaped area on the map, near the road that runs along the beach. Follow the beach road towards the east, near the gray area, and look for arches and a staircase up the cliff side. Follow the staircase up to the top and into a large grassy area overlooking the water. Look in the gazebo to the north for a Timmy Vermicelli.

Go to your hideout in the Villefranche-Sur-Mer area and to the road above the hideout. Go past the shortcut tunnel and past the other short tunnel. Just past the second right turn you will see two trees next to a large rock. Go between both trees and over the large rock and you will reach an area with a jump directly in front of you. A Timmy Vermicelli is in the pit below the jump. Alternately, restart the Take A Ride and choose the Villefranche-Sur-Mer area, or the fourth circle. When you begin, turn around and go to the two trees with the large rock. You can also take the second right and go to the traffic light, then turn right. Go to the traffic light again and go right. Follow the bend and there will be a tunnel on your right.

Go to the harbor area where in a mission you put a blue container on the trailer and hooked the semi up to the trailer. The harbor looks like a piece of land that is surrounded by water on the map. Look for a shack in the corner. A Timmy is hiding in a crate in the far corner next to the little shack. If you cannot remember where that area is located, look for the land that sticks out furthest to the sea on your map, or restart a Take A Ride and choose the circle at the furthest right. That is the Villefranche-Sur-Mer area. When you start, turn around and follow that road. Take four left turns, then past three right turns. Look for a fence on the left past the third right turn. The road to the entrance is near the end of that fence. Note: The Timmy is crouching, so you may not see him until you walk up to that corner.

Go to the lighthouse near the area in the mission where you had to drop off the trailer. The lighthouse is near that area. A Timmy Vermicelli will be at the top of the lighthouse. If you cannot remember where that area is located, pause game play and look on the map for a large gray area. It will be between Baies Des Anges and Mont Boron. The lighthouse is near that large gray area on the map.

Start with a boat at the far right point. Make a hard left, (almost a U-turn) and enter the cave. A Timmy Vermicelli is on the left side.

Starting with a boat in the western-most starting point, go straight up the river. Once you get to the large rightward bend in the river, look out for a boulder on your left. A Timmy Vermicelli is behind it.

From the starting point second from left, go towards the beach and make a left. Continue until you see a ramp with a gate and trash cans in the way, parallel to the street. Go up the ramp and continue across rooftops until you fall through wood planks. A Timmy Vermicelli will be waiting there.

Istanbul: Roadster car

In the same area where Timmy Vermicelli is in the lookout building on stilts and the jump, continue down that road, to the right. Go past the crane and go left. Stop at the containers. The hidden car is in the second red container. The car is difficult to get into, but it is possible to enter it.

Istanbul: Timmy Vermicellis

Pause game play and look on the map for Beyogu West. At the end of the word "West", you will see a T-shaped alley. Go to that alley and stop at the intersection. You will hear music. Go into the back entrance of the night club through the metal doors. There is a Timmy Vermicelli inside.

Start at your hideout near Seraglio Point. Go down that road, heading away from the railroad tracks. Go to the fifth street and turn left. Go to the first street and turn right. You will see a small building on your left. Go through the door and follow it on down to find Timmy Vermicelli. Alternately, exit the game and restart the Take A Ride mode. Start at the southern-most starting point. Follow the street and take the second left. The small building will be on your left.

You can find Timmy inside your hideout near Seraglio Point. To find him, start at the most southern point on the map. You should be quite close to your hideout. Once you enter the door to your hideout, go straight and to the left and enter the door. To the left are some stairs. Follow them up to the top floor (four flights). At the top of the stairs you will see a hallway to your right. Go down the hallway and to the left. On the left wall, there is a door. Enter it to find all of your supplies. This room also has a very large rug in it. Proceed to the right side of the room, past some beaded curtains. On the left wall of this small room is a door. Enter it to find a Timmy Vermicelli.

Go to the closest bridge by the open sea on the Seraglio Point side. Stop on the bridge and take the walkway down and around to the glassy area. Timmy Vermicelli will be down there.

Pause game play and look on the map for a tan area next to the bridge on the Beyoglu side. Go to that area. Follow the road down and around to near the containers and the jump. Timmy Vermicelli is in a small lookout building on stilts to the left of the containers. Go up the steps of the lookout building and open the door to findhim.

Start at the "K" in Kennedy Road on the map. Drive away or towards the left of the word. Get on the train tracks and go to where it ends. Look for a little building with a lot of glass windows. Walk up the steps and enter to find a Timmy Vermicelli.

Start at the right side of the bottom bridge near the word "Istanbul" on the map. Follow the road near the water, on the Beyglu side, until you get to a gray area shaped liked a rectangle. Look for an opening between buildings, and keep going that way. A Timmy Vermicelli will be on one of the buildings.

Start at the western-most starting point and take a left immediate after where you start. Take the next left and look on a right for an old warehouse with steps on the side. Go up the steps and you will see a Timmy Vermicelli waiting there.

Start at the "D" in "Road" of "Kennedy Road" on the map. Go north up the street under the train bridge and turn at the first right. Go straight, just slightly past the next intersection. Look on the right for a building that has a fence on the roof and a green door between two light posts. You can enter that door. Once inside, turn left and follow the hall down the stairs. At the bottom on the right is a small room where you will find a Timmy Vermicelli. He is in the northeast corner.

Look for the bridge closest to the word "Istanbul" on the map. When you are looking at the map from north to south, go to the alleys to the southern end of the brown spot at the southern end of the bridge. Go to the alley in the eastern direction to where it comes to a "T". Directly in front of you to your left should be a brick/fence. Follow the fence to the left behind the buildings to find the Timmy Vermicellis.

Istanbul: Bridge control

You can raise and lower the drawbridge. Go into the little buildings at either end of the bridge. Walk up to the controls and press [Action]

Istanbul: Tram ride

Wait at a tram station for one to arrive. Walk through its door and you can ride it around the city, shooting out of the open windows if desired.