Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Soundtrack – All Fallout 76 Songs

Fallout 76 is now here, and like all of Bethesda’s Fallout games it boasts a long, colorful, and highly retro soundtrack. The game has a wide range of songs featured in the in-game Appalachia Radio, as well as a fantastic ambient score. But what songs are on the Fallout 76 soundtrack, and who composed the score?

We’ve got the full Fallout 76 soundtrack list below, not to mention some samples for you to enjoy pulled from both the licensed song list and the exceptional ambient orchestral score. While you may get sick of hearing these songs in your hundreds of hours trekking across the West Virginia wasteland, we’re sure there’ll be a few standouts here and there. Even if it’s just Take Me Home, Country Roads again.

Appalachia Radio Songs in the Fallout 76 Soundtrack

Appalachia Radio is the main in-game radio station and the primary way to experience the Fallout 76 soundtrack. To get to it, open your Pip-Boy and head to the top tab marked “Radio.” You should have multiple radio stations there, including a fair number that are important to quests, plus Classical Radio for those players who crave only classical music, all the time. Appalachia Radio, on the other hand, is the one with all of the game’s licensed songs. This is the one you’ll want to activate, unless you’d prefer not to be distracted when the Scorched are attacking.

Here’s the list of all 50 Fallout 76 soundtrack songs you’ll hear playing on Appalachia Radio. We’ve provided extra details for songs that are especially noteworthy. There is one song you won’t hear on the soundtrack though, at least not exactly: Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver, which so memorably appeared in the first Fallout 76 trailers, is absent. In its place is the cover version by COPILOT, which Bethesda arranged for charity.

  • Andrews Sisters – Straighten Up and Fly Right
  • Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice (this appeared in the Fallout 76 live-action trailer)
  • Benselvin – Happy Days are Here Again
  • Billie Holiday – Crazy He Calls Me
  • Bing Crosby – Swinging on a Star
  • Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters – Don’t Fence Me In
  • Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters – Pistol Packin’ Mama
  • Blind Willie Johnson – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
  • Bob Crosby – Dear Hearts and Gentle People
  • Bob Willis – Bubbles in my Beers
  • Bob Wills – Steel Guitar Rag
  • Cassdaley – A Good Man is Hard to Find
  • Chick Webb – I Can’t Dance I Got Ants in my Pants
  • Chick Webb – Midnight in a Mad House
  • Chick Webb – When I Get Low I Get High
  • Chordettes – Mr. Sandman
  • Cole Porter – Anything Goes
  • Commodores – Uranium
  • Copilot – Country Roads (the cover for charity rather than John Denver’s original. You can listen to it below)

  • Count Basie – Jump in at The Woodside
  • Danny Kaye + Andrews Sisters – Civilization
  • Eddy Duchin – Ol Man Mose
  • Ernest Tubb – I’m Walking the Floor Over You
  • Fats Waller – Ain’t Misbehavin
  • Five Stars – Atom Bomb Baby
  • Freddie Slack and His Orchestra – Mister Five by Five
  • Freddie Slack and His Orchestra – Pig Foot Pete
  • Freddie Slack and His Orchestra – Two Left Hands
  • Glenn Miller – Juke Box Saturday Night
  • Henry King Orchestra – Just A Fair Weather Friend
  • Ink Spots – I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire
  • Ink Spots – It’s All Over But the Crying
  • Ink Spots – Maybe (this was on the Fallout 4 soundtrack too)
  • Ink Spots – We Three
  • Isham Jones – Doin’ The Uptown Lowdown
  • Jerry Irby – Answer to Drivin’ Nails in My Coffin
  • Johnny Bond – Headin’ Down the Wrong Highway
  • Johnny Long – A Shanty in Old Shanty Town
  • Kay Kyser Orchestra – Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
  • Louis Jordan – Salt Pork West Virginia
  • Milton Brown – Keep Knocking but you Can’t Come In
  • Nat King Cole – Orange Colored Sky
  • Patsy Montana – I Didn’t Know the Gun was Loaded
  • Roy Brown – Butcher Pete Part 1 (was also on the Fallout 4 soundtrack, but that also had Part 2, whereas only Part 1 is in Fallout 76)
  • Sons of the Pioneers – Ghost Riders in the Sky
  • Sons of the Pioneers – Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford – Dark as a Dungeon
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford – Shenandoah
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford – Sixteen Tons
  • Tommy Dorsey – Opus No. 1

Fallout 76 Original Soundtrack Details

The original ambient soundtrack in the game is composed by Inon Zur, who’s been composing for the Fallout series since before Bethesda even picked up the license, starting with Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. He’s the man behind the music from many classic games, including Dragon Age: Origins, the Prince of Persia series, Crysis, and Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. You can listen to his fantastically epic main menu theme for Fallout 76 right here, or in the video embedded below. It certainly gets us in the mood to dive right in to the game.