Metro 2033 PC Cheats

Cheat Code

Before You begin please bare in mind You'll be changing files to make this work so make a backup copy before You begin. Open the file user.cfg from the installation folder with a normal text editor. Make a backup first! To activate the cheats you have to replace the word OFF and change it with ON:

g_global_god off

g_unlimitedammo off


g_global_god on

g_unlimitedammo on

After editing these two lines, save the file and restart the game. The cheats God mode and unlimited ammo are now active.

Ranger Pack DLC Achievements

  • Complete each requirement to receive the achievements
  • Air Bender - Kill 30 humans with only pneumatic weapons
  • Gunman - Kill 50 enemies with the heavy automatic shotgun
  • Last Man Standing - Complete the game in Ranger Mode Hardcore
  • Shocking - Get 50 kills with the Volt Driver
  • Sterling Effort - Kill 50 mutants with your knife
  • Sticks like a bur - Kill 15 enemies using sticky grenade
  • Stunning - Get 25 kills with the alternative fire of Volt Driver
  • Survivor - Complete the game in Ranger Mode Easy
  • Weaponsmith - Kill at least one enemy with each weapon type available in the game


Extend Filter

You can extend the use of your filter if you avoid jumping and sprinting.

Armory easy money

At the Armory level, after meeting Andrew the Blacksmith, you have access to ammo and two guns at his shack. You can pick them up, trade them at the weapon shop for a "Duplet" for a 100-200 bullets profit, giving you enough money to buy the best weapons available, a suit, and load up on ammo.


Achievements (Steam)

Demolitionist - Blow up the tunnel and airlock at "Cursed" station.

Inquisitor - Kill 2 demons.

Invisible man - Complete "Frontline" level without killing anyone.

Ka-Boom! - Explode 10 enemies.

Raider - On the level "Depot" silently kill the first guard and break into the Fascist station unnoticed.

Slice & Dice - Kill 20 enemies with the knife.

Sniper - Make 25 headshots.

Fire in the hole - Kill 20 lurkers.

Merciful - Complete the level "Black Station" without killing any Fascist Soldiers.

Metro Trader - Make 10 deals in weapon shops.

Ninja - Kill 10 enemies with throwing knives.

Nosalis hunter - Kill 30 nosalises.

DJ Artyom - On the level "Outpost" reach the radio tower and broadcast the commander's message.

Exorcist - Complete levels "Ghosts" and "Anomaly" without dying.

Air gunner - Kill 30 enemies using pneumatic weapons.

Cowboy - Kill 30 enemies using revolvers.

Old school - Kill 30 enemies with the double-barreled shotgun.

Pathoanatomist - Kill 5 amoebas.

Pyro - Kill 5 enemies with a flamethrower.

Quick Draw - On the level "Hunter" kill the nosalises before they break through the ventilation grilles.

Fugitive - Complete level "Armory" without getting caught.

Heavy Metal - Kill 15 enemies using stationary machine gun.

Heavy Reader - Kill a librarian.

Hedge-hopper - On the level "Frontline" kill all of the enemy Red Army and Fascist Soldiers.

Ranger - Find all Ranger stashes in Dead City 1 and 2

Rescue Ranger - Save a group of "Reds" from Fascist captivity.

Scrooge - Save 500 military grade rounds.

Soft Touch - Disarm 10 wire traps.

Metro dweller (Secret Achievement) - A true metro citizen. You know everyone and have seen everything.

First blood (Secret Achievement) - What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Generous (Secret Achievement) - Help the poor, a coin for the kid, medicine for the sick. You help everyone you see.

If it's hostile, you kill it (Secret Achievement) - Become a true ranger.

Tank Buster - Destroy fascists' Panzer.

Wheeler-Dealer - Exchange 500 Military Grade 5.45 rounds at Exchange kiosks.

Realist (Secret Achievement) - A coin for a hungry kid? Get a job.

Quick-witted (Secret Achievement) - Break the support and activate the chandelier in less than 20 seconds.

Sherlock (Secret Achievement) - Found all gold ammo, hidden throughout the stations.

Enlightened (Secret Achievement) - Find the truth.

Explorer (Secret Achievement) - There is no place in metro you did not visit