Pure PS3 Cheats


Unlock Trophies

Pure platinum (Platinum) - Acquire all Pure trophies.

Pure perfection (Gold) - Come first in every event in the Pure World Tour.

5 in a row (Gold) - Come first in 5 online events in row.

Killer combo! (Gold) - Perform a combo of at least 250,000 points.

Comeback kid (Silver) - Come from last place on the last lap to win a race event in World Tour Mode.

No messing (Silver) - Complete World Tour Mode while participating in a maximum of 42 events.

Sick combo! (Silver) - Perform a combo of at least 125,000 points.

Specialised (Silver) - Perform 8 different special tricks in a single World Tour event.

Tricked out (Silver) - Perform every normal trick in a single World Tour event.

Triple flip (Silver) - Pull of a 1080 forward or backward rotation in a single jump.

Online champ (Silver) - Come first in a online championship.

Freestyler (Silver) - Extend a Freestyle session past the third lap.

Fresh air (Silver) - Win a Freestyle event with Fresh tricks only.

Two time! (Silver) - Perform two special tricks in 1 jump.

Underdog (Silver) - Use a class D engine to beat an opponent with a class A engine in a ranked match.

You're special! (Silver) - Perform every special trick in the game.

Zero to hero (Silver) - Acquire a special trick within 30 secs of a Race starting.

1 of a kind (Bronze) - Build an ATV from scratch in the garage.

Grease monkey (Silver) - Earn a 1st place with every engine type in World Tour Mode.

Finished an event (Bronze) - Complete an event.

Flawless event (Bronze) - Complete a World Tour event without dismounting.

Nice combo! (Bronze) - Perform a combo of at least 50,000 points.

Completed stage 1 (Bronze) - Place first in all four events in Stage 1.

Completed stage 2 (Bronze) - Place first in all four events in Stage 2.

Completed stage 3 (Bronze) - Place first in all four events in Stage 3.

Completed stage 4 (Bronze) - Place first in all four events in Stage 4.

Completed stage 5 (Bronze) - Place first in all five events in Stage 5.

Completed stage 6 (Bronze) - Place first in all five events in Stage 6.

Completed stage 7 (Bronze) - Place first in all five events in Stage 7.

Completed stage 8 (Bronze) - Place first in all six events in Stage 8.

Completed stage 9 (Bronze) - Place first in all six events in Stage 9.

Completed stage 10 (Bronze) - Place first in all seven events in Stage 10.

No pain, no gain (Bronze) - Crash ten times and still win an event.

Flawless lap (Bronze) - Complete a lap of a Race event in World Tour without dismounting.

Full speed ahead (Bronze) - Hold down the gas for the entire event and finish in the first place.

Fully loaded (Bronze) - Unlock and then fill all ten ATV slots in the garage.

Hang time (Bronze) - Spending 150+ seconds in the air and win the same event.

Learner driver (Bronze) - Lap another rider in offline sprint track event.

Mechanic (Bronze) - Build five ATVs, each with a different engine.

Show off (Bronze) - Win a Race of Sprint event and cross the line while doing a Wheelie on every.

Win online (Bronze) - Come first in an online event.

You reckon? (Bronze) - Pull a special trick on a sprint track.

Easy points

Hold any of the main controller buttons during a front or back flip. You will do an alternate flip and get more points/boost.

Race bike for freestyle

A purely freestlye bike isn't always best for every freestlye track. If you're having trouble winning a freestyle event with a freestyle bike, try your race bike instead. Sometimes being fast over jumps is more important than getting air.

Get 1st Place in Every Event

Finishing the World Tour requires you to get 1st place in every event in the 10th stage. Do this, and you'll unlock character-specific ATV shells for every character in the game.

Front/Back Flip

Holding down a face button while doing a front or back flip will modify your flip and give you even more points/boost.


In Freestyle events, go for the Star powerup as early as possible. The sooner you can pull off a special trick, the better.

New Parts

If you can't place in an event, move on and come back to it later. Winning other events further in the Tour will unlock new parts to beef up your bike. Then come back and ace those troublesome tracks.

ATV shells

Finish in first place in all events in the tenth stage to successfully complete World Tour mode. You will unlock alternate ATV shells for each character.