Fallout 76 Find Responder Caches Locations Guide

Fallout 76 responder supply caches will form the basis of one of your first missions when heading off into the wasteland, and while a little bit of digging can surface them, they can still be tricky to unearth. The supply caches pop up as part of the Final Departure mission, which sees players traveling to the Morgantown Airport. Along with holding some goodies, players will also get to take some useful items out of the Overseer’s cache. Check out the loot where to find the supply caches in Fallout 76.

Where to Find the Responder Caches in Fallout 76

There are four responder caches to pick up in the Final Departure mission in Morgantown Airport, with the final one being the Overseer’s cache.

North-west Responder Cache

The north-west responder cache can be found atop the building pinpointed on the map. To get to it, climb the first set of stairs to your left when entering the building from its south-facing entrance. Keep following the stairs until they take you outside, with them then circling around and leading you to the main control building. You’ll be able to pick up a fragmentation grenade from the unfortunate individual on the ground, before accessing the yellow responder’s cache.

fallout 76 responder cache 2

Here’s where this cache appears on the map:

fallout 76 supply cache locations

North Responder Cache

This one’s a little trickier to find as it is somewhat hidden. Go to the east of the railway tracks, towards the abandoned red vehicle. You’ll see a set of stacked storage units, with the responder cache located in the blue unit at the bottom.

This is where the responder cache is located on the map:

East Responder Cache

This one is easier to find as you will likely stumble upon it when venturing to Morgantown Airport, provided you haven’t ventured off the beaten path. The responder cache is in the white tower next to the railway line, with you simply having to climb the stairs in order to get your hands on it.

This is its map location:

Morgantown Airport Responder Cache

Finally, you’ll be able to pick up the Overseer’s cache in the airport itself. The cache located furthest north, you’ll have to clear up a few low-level Scorched before making your way to the room at the top. You can access this room by venturing up the escalators to the right of the entrance, and following the corridor around until you reach the Overseer’s cache.

Here’s the room you’ll find it in:


fallout 76 overseer's cache location