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Fallout 76 Grafton Monster Location

The Fallout 76 Grafton Monster location can be easily found, but whether or not you should be even looking for it is another story entirely. Based on the famed Grafton Monster of West Virginian folklore, this hulking creature isn’t to be sought after by the faint of heart. If you’re brave, though, and you’ve got a team of reliable friends with you, maybe you’ll be able to venture into the belly of the beast, encountering all kinds of irradiated monstrosities, with the chief among them being the Grafton Monster itself. Here’s how to find the Grafton Monster location in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Grafton Monster Location

The Fallout 76 Grafton Monster location can, unsurprisingly, be found in the town of Grafton, an area located in the Toxic Valley of Appalachia. The massive, ostensibly headless and hairless beast isn’t difficult to spot, as its size also makes it visible from a great distance.

Grafton Monsters have reportedly been found in the Hemlock Holes, too, but Grafton is the location to which they’re definitely attached. In West Virginian myth, Grafton is where the Grafton Monster was allegedly spotted back in the ’60s, so it’s unsurprising that this is where the formidable foe can be found in Fallout 76.

In Grafton, players can also find a holotape called “The Beast of Grafton – Part 1.” For those who want to learn more about the mysterious monster, picking this up could be well worth your while. Again, if you’re planning a trip to Grafton, you should be prepared to encounter some seriously formidable foes. If you’re starting Fallout 76 today, maybe level up a bit first. Craft some powerful equipment, gather a team of adventurous and courageous partners, and head to the Toxic Valley. Here, you’ll find the Grafton Monster, even more hideously terrifying now than he was when he was first spotted over 100 years ago. Best of luck!