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Fallout 76 PS4 No Sound Bug – How to Fix

Some Sony fans have been left frustrated at an apparent Fallout 76 PS4 no sound bug. It’s been an issue since the beta of Bethesda’s latest title, and doesn’t seem to have been resolved ahead of the game’s full release. What exactly is the problem then, and how can PS4 users go about fixing the fact that there is no sound in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 PS4 No Sound Bug – What is the Issue?

PS4 players have made mention of the fact that they can’t hear sound for specific parts of Fallout 76. This problem seems to be reserved to NPCs and holotapes. The bug is further compounding players’ frustration by not even showing subtitles, even when they have been turned on in the menu too.

For American and British players, the issue doesn’t seem to be affecting them. It is, however, causing consternation among fans in other countries. Players from the likes of Poland and Russia took to this thread on the Fallout 76 support forums to reveal the extent of the problem, and ask if there’s a way to sort it out.

Fallout 76 PS4 No Sound Bug – How to Fix

There does seem to be an easy solution to this problem, thankfully. Users who are experiencing this issue can head to their PS4 settings and simply change the language from their native one to “English US.” This must be done once players have exited Fallout 76 for the change to take effect though.

Once this has been done, load the game up and log in to the main menu. Wait for additional sound files to be downloaded to your PS4 console, and then close the game again. Change the language in your settings back to your native language, load the game up and your save file, and the problem should be fixed.

If the problem persists, it would be best to get in touch with Bethesda’s support team to find a solution to your personal problem.