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Fallout 76 Supply Drops – How to Get

While there are plenty of materials and the like to go around in Fallout 76, Bethesda has decided to add in Fallout 76 Supply Drops. Officially titled Fallout 76 Government Supply Drops, these supply drops will drop plenty of, err, supplies for your character. Where can we find these supply drops? How do we get them? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

Fallout 76 Supply Drops – What Are the Government Supply Drops?

Supply drops have not been seen in the Fallout universe before Fallout 76. These Government Supply Drops will grant you with plenty of new items and materials to play with. The likes of ammo, scraps, weapons, clothing and maybe even food will drop randomly for you. Getting hold of the supply drops in Fallout 76 is a little complicated, however.

Fallout 76 Supply Drops – How to Get

To get your greasy mitts on one of these highly sought-after supply drops, you will first need to find a US Government Supply Requisition form and Holotape (both will be together). There are a number of ways in which you can find the US Government Supply Requisition item, but typically, you will randomly find them on the corpses of Ghouls and Scorched throughout the game’s large map. If at first, you don’t find the item, simply kill and loot Scorched and Ghouls until you do. Plenty of other enemies will randomly drop the item, too, and you may even be lucky enough to find one hanging around in a mailbox, lunchbox, or any other sort of item dispensary.

As soon as you find a US Government Supply Requisition form and Holotape, you will be given a quest entitled: “Request Government Air Drop.” A new marker will appear on your map, leading you towards a broken Relay Tower Terminal.

Fallout 76 Supply Drops – How to Complete the Quest

Unfortunately, no one Request Government Air Drop quest will take you to the same broken Relay Tower Terminal. There are plenty dotted around Fallout 76’s world, and will typically be found nearby towns and settlements. Upon your arrival at the Relay Tower, you will be directed (via a marker) towards the broken emergency management system. Simply head over to the terminal, and upload your US Government Supply Requisition Holotape. Choose yes to the question asking if you would like to request an emergency air drop. After this is done, a new nearby marker will appear on your map pertaining to the whereabouts of your supply drop. To get your rewards, all you need to do now is head over to the marker, and find a red flare (your supply drop will be there).

Be aware, however, that other players may have seen your supply drop land. You’ll need to be quick if you want to claim your rewards.