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Fallout 76 Vendor Locations — Where Are Vendors in Fallout 76

While Fallout 76 doesn’t have traditional NPC shopkeepers, it still has vendors and shops. Below you will find the Fallout 76 vendor locations, plus information about the various supplies they sell.

Fallout 76 vendor bots sell a variety of bulk materials to players. These materials are useful when building your camp, and crafting equipment. The vendor bots in Fallout 76 can be found in towns and train stations across the game’s take on West Virginia.

Where Are Fallout 76 Vendor Locations ?

Most of the game’s vendors can be found in or near train stations strewn about Appalachia. Below is a list of all the Fallout 76 vendor locations in the game:

  • Camden Park – outside the Sugar Heaps Trading Post.
  • Charleston Fire Department – south side of Charleston, upstairs within the trading post.
  • Charleston Station – north of Charleston, vendor bot will be found inside.
  • Flatwoods – inside the church located in the center of the town.
  • Grafton Station – southwest of Grafton
  • Harpers Ferry – north side of town, inside the trading post.
  • Lewisburg Station – south side of town.
  • Morgantown Station – northwest of the town, inside the station.
  • Pleasant Valley Station – southeastern side of area.
  • R & G Station – south of the factory.
  • Sunnytop Station – wandering around the area.
  • Watoga Station – southeast of Watoga.
  • Welch Station – north of town.
  • Whitespring Resort – unique, high-end vendors can be found inside.
  • Whitespring Station – outside the station.

All of the above vendors deal in bulk material, useful for crafting and building up your camp. Grahm, a wandering Super Mutant, is another vendor in Fallout 76. Grahm sells a variety of crafting plans for your camp, and other useful items like armor pieces and stimpaks.

What Do Fallout 76 Vendors Sell?

Now that you know the Fallout 76 vendor locations, you probably want to know what they sell. Each vendor sells bulk material — wood, steel, aluminum, rubber, ceramic, concrete, and more — for players to use in crafting. They each have slightly different inventories, but the Charleston, Flatwoods, and Morgantown vendors have a majority of common materials. These three, all sell aluminum, steel, wood, adhesive, and gears. Vendors aren’t the only way to acquire these materials, but can be helpful in a pinch.