Conflict: Denied Ops PC Cheats



If You complete the indicated task You'll unlock the corresponding accomplishment.

Compound Problem (10) - Escape from police compound without going MIA in Township.

Curse Of The Bambino (10) - Rescue Foley in Sawmill.

Prisoner Release Programme (10) - Ensure FSB Agents survive until the end of Castle.

Saving Private Yelkin (10) - Ensure Private Yelkin survives in Whaling Station.

Search And Rescue (10) - Rescue Bishop Three in Township

Vertically Challenged (10) - Destroy Jump-Jet in Submarine Facility.

Change Of Priority (10) - Ensure hostages survive on Tanker.

Deal Breaker (10) - Track down and kill Kwennoir in Sawmill.

Easy Slider (10) - Commandeer hovercraft and ensure it survives to perimeter wall in Submarine Facility.

Gas Tap (10) - Prevent gas from being released in Military Base.

Healing Hands (10) - Heal 10 team members in a Conquest Ranked match.

One Careful Owner (10) - Ensure BMP survives until the end of Monastery.

Out Of Sight (10) - Track Atongwe in Diamond Mine without being detected.

Police Protection (10) - Save RPF troops in town square in Township.

Defend The Doctor (10) - Ensure Dr. Pessich survives until end of Castle.

Delta Force Stay The Course (10) - Ensure all Delta Force members survive until the end of Oil Refinery.