Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost & Damned Xbox360 Cheats

Cheat Codes

For All Ranges

Here are few codes based upon the new game and some old codes that work aswell.

362-555-0100 - Give Armor

482-555-0100 - Gives Health, Armor And Ammo

267-555-0100 - Lower Wanted Level

267-555-0150 - Raise Wanted Level

486-555-0150 - Weapon Package #1

486-555-0100 - Weapon Package #2

Spawn Vehicles

Press "up" on the D-pad twice to take out your phone and enter one of these cheats:

245-555-0100 - Spawn Innovation

245-555-0150 - Spawn Hexer

245-555-0125 - Spawn Double T

245-555-0199 - Spawn Hakuchou

826-555-0100 - Spawn Slamvan

826-555-0150 - Spawn Burrito

New Cheat codes

362-555-0100 - Give Armor

482-555-0100 - Gives Health, Armor And Ammo

486-555-0150 - Weapon Packages #1

486-555-0100 - Weapon Package #2

267-555-0150 Raise Wanted Level

267-555-0100 Lower Wanted Level

227-555-0100 - Spawn A FIB Buffalo


Unlock Ammo Limit

To remove the ammo limit, get 100% completion progress.

Swingset Glitch

In the game GTA IV The Lost and Dammed, go to a playground that has a swingset. Then drive up to the swingset until you are touching the swingset with your car. All you have to do is wait for you and your car to get blasted into the air!

Gang Wars Unlockable

Assault shotgun in safehouse Complete 40 gang wars.

Automatic pistol in safehouse Complete 20 gang wars.

Carbine Rifle in safehouse Complete 30 gang wars.

Grenade launcher in safehouse Complete 50 gang wars.

Sawn-off shotgun in safehouse Complete 10 gang wars.



If You complete the indicated task You'll unlock the corresponding accomplishment.

Easy Rider (100) - Finish the story.

Full Chat (70) - Build Terry and Clay's toughness to 100%.

Get Good Wood (50) - In the bike races, whack off 69 bikers with a bat.

The Lost Boy (25) - Become leader of The Lost.

One Percenter (5) - Help Billy get his bike back.

Unlock Hokachu bike

Beat 12 races in single player, it will be available for Clay to transport to you.