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Fallout 76 PC Emote Wheel – How to Find

If Fallout 76 is like any other online multiplayer game, using emotes should be an option for players. Some haven’t been able to find the Fallout 76 PC emote wheel, however, and have complained at being unable to interact with fellow players in this way. Where do you find the option to use emotes on PC then?

What is the Fallout 76 PC Emote Wheel?

Emotes are actions in games—or any digital form of entertainment really—that portray emotions in a theatrical manner. For example, the “wave” emote in plenty of titles these days is exactly what it sounds like. The waving your arm aspect of the emote, however, can be dramatically enhanced to offer a humorous take on what a normal wave looks like.

The emote wheel itself is a reticle that you can open up to find and use the right emote for a given occasion. Again, using the “wave” emote as an example, you can greet fellow players with this action to show you’re friendly and prevent others from blowing your head off with their weapons.

Some PC players have been unable to locate where the Fallout 76 PC emote wheel is in their game. Given the number of keybinds when playing with a keyboard and mouse, it can take some trial and error to find the right key that opens the wheel up, and lets you select what emote to use.

Thankfully, it couldn’t be simpler to find. Press and hold the “G” key, and this will bring up the emote wheel. You can then hover over the emote that you want to use, and left-click on it with your mouse to use it. Some players have claimed that you only need to press the “G” key to bring the emote wheel up, so try both ways out to see which one works for your specific needs.