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Fallout 76 How to Manually Save and How Autosave Works

While it may sound like a strange question, plenty of you have been wondering exactly how you save in Fallout 76. The multiplayer Fallout experience is here, and bizarrely, saving is a big issue in the game. Find out all you need to know about Fallout 76 how to save with our handy guide, including Fallout 76 how to manual save and Fallout 76 how autosave works.

Fallout 76 How to Save – How to Manually Save in Fallout 76

Strangely, there isn’t an option to manually save the game in Fallout 76. Manual saving has been a standard in Bethesda titles for as long as we can remember. This makes it all the odder that you cannot manually save in Fallout 76, or at least you can’t via any menu. Because you cannot manually save your Fallout 76 file, there have been instances of players losing progress when hopping between servers.

While you cannot choose to manually save Fallout 76, there are tricks to ensure that the game saves your progress. Any time you fast travel, for example, will save the game via autosaves. The simplest way to do this is to fast travel back to your CAMP. Your location and progress will be saved every time. The game will also save when you exit. To do this, simply open up your map and choose to the “Quit Game” option. This will save your progress every time too. No more lost progress for you.

Fallout 76 How to Save – How Autosave Works

As stated above, you can trick the game into manually saving your progress in a couple of different ways. Aside from this, however, Fallout 76 will autosave periodically. Every few minutes or so, the game will autosave no matter what you’re doing. Fallout 76 also autosaves every time you fast travel (as explained above), and every time you discover a new settlement or area, as well as completing certain quest steps.