Puzzle Chronicles Achievements


Achievement             Description
Basilisk’s Bane (10)Defeat Iriki
Conquering Hero (20)Win 15 Ranked Xbox LIVE multiplayer games
Craftsman (15)Forge 10 items
Deathbringer (50)Collect all 60 Awards
Dog Trainer (15)Train your Warbeast to level (25)
Dungeon Delver (10)Unlock 10 Dungeons
Finder of Secrets (15)Uncover a secret location
Giant Slayer (15)Defeat Arokk
Humble Beginnings (5)Finish the Tutorial map
Skillfully Done (10)Raise any one of your Stats to (25)
Story’s End (25)Defeat the Horned Daemon
Zombie Hunter (10)Defeat Zulac