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Battlefield 5 Support Class Guide – Best Loadouts

Battlefield 5 presents a few changes to the series’ signature first-person shooting formula. Players dropping into EA DICE’s newest release will certainly be looking to learn more about each of the game’s different Classes. Though each class is important in its own right, one of the most critical roles in the game belongs to the Support class. Support players are primarily responsible for suppressing enemies and keeping their teammates stocked up with supplies and medkits. Not only that, they also have access to more fortifications than any other class in the game, and they can build them faster to boot. In a nutshell, they’re the ultimate team players.

Support Class Weapons and Gadgets

Even though it shouldn’t be first priority when choosing their preferred class, most Battlefield 5 players will likely at first choose a role that offers the most appealing weapons. The Support class in particular has access to some real firepower: machine guns, mines, that sort of thing. The idea is that the Support class—you guessed it—provides support to its teammates through potential cover and suppressing fire. It also starts out with the Ammo Pouch gadget, which can help players in other classes stay in the fight as long as possible.

Support Primary Weapons and Gadgets:

  • Light Machine Guns
    • Bren Gun, FG-42, KE7, Lewis Gun
  • Medium Machine Guns
    • MG 34, MG 42
  • Ammo Pouch
  • Anti-Tank Mine

When compared to the rest of the weapons in Battlefield 5, the Support class has access to some of the heaviest hitters around. Players who want to make the most out of their role as a Support would be wise to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each available machine gun. Fortunately, this knowledge can be earned through simple trial and error. It may be that some players are just better with certain weapons, even ones that aren’t as powerful or convenient as others. Pick them up, use them, and learn which ones work best for you.

battlefield 5 support class guide weapons

After enough progress has been made, players will eventually be able to customize the Support class’ loadout as part of their individual Company. Every item that unlocks within the game will become available to use for appropriate classes, and the Support class will be able to use those weapons across each of its two distinct Combat Roles. Mixing and matching not only allows the player to fine-tune their preferences, it allows them to adapt to changing battlefield conditions.

Support Class Combat Roles

Combat Roles, referred to as Archetypes in previous Battlefield releases, allow players to focus on specific combat strategies. The Support class has two primary Combat Roles: Engineer and Machine Gunner. They’re fairly self-explanatory given their titles, but it’s worth learning about the key differences, including both strengths and weaknesses, between the two.

The Engineer is the default Combat Role for Support class players. This Combat Role focuses on the Support’s increased efficacy at building fortifications. The Support class not only has access to more available fortifications when compared to other classes, it also manages to build them faster thanks to the Vehicle Fixer trait. On the other hand, the Heavy Weapons Expert trait allows a Support player to fire mounted artillery for longer before it overheats, keeping groups of enemies at bay and opening up new windows of opportunity for teammates.

Support Class Engineer Traits:

  • Vehicle Fixer: repair vehicles and build Fortifications significantly faster than other Support Class Combat Roles.
  • Heavy Weapons Expert: fire static weapons and mounted vehicle weapons for a longer duration before they overheat.

Given enough time, players will eventually open up the Support’s Machine Gunner Combat Role. This role is primarily focused on enemy suppression. The Bullet Storm ability increases the Support class’ base suppression rate, while the Focused Fire ability draws immediate attention to any enemy that has been suppressed. The down side to all this, of course, is that choosing the Machine Gunner role means that Support players won’t be able to use Engineer abilities. Fortunately, Combat Roles can be swapped easily at the deploy overview screen.

Support Class Machine Gunner Traits:

  • Bullet Storm: increases the player’s suppression ability.
  • Focused Fire: automatically spot enemies when you fully suppress them.

Support Class Best Strategies

By now you’ve learned the key differences that separate the Support class from other Battlefield 5 classes. With that information in tow, it’s time to put it to work. Here are a few things that any Support player should be thinking about during any given battle, plus some tips on how to make the most out of the Support class Combat Role Traits and abilities.

battlefield 5 support class combat roles

Always keep an eye out for places to build fortifications. Building fortifications is easy, and the benefits they provide to your teammates may be immeasurable. Resupply and Medic Stations should be at the top of this list, primarily because they’re designed to help keep allies in the fight for as long as possible. That’s the whole idea behind the Support class, after all. Beyond that, be on the lookout for locations where enemies may slip through undetected and barricade them with boards or sandbag walls. Even something as small as a razor wire blockade can change the tide of battle, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Just be aware that if worse comes to worse, some fortifications may wind up helping the enemy team instead of your own.

Suppress enemies as often as possible. Especially when using the Support class’ Machine Gunner Combat Role, aim to suppress enemies by firing at them relentlessly from behind cover or through mounted guns. This will force them to reconsider their approach, and can give your teammates just enough time to form back up or to start pushing back out into the battlefield.

Stick close by your teammates. Ammunition is in limited supply in Battlefield 5, and the Support class is able to dole out ammo to friendly troops in need thanks to the Ammo Pouch. Assuming they don’t have access to a nearby Resupply Station, teammates will be looking for the Support player to give them the ammo they need to fulfill their own duties. This will be especially important when making a push into enemy territory. Pistols and knives won’t do much against fortified locations, after all, so make sure your teammates aren’t left high and dry.

Coordinate with the rest of the group. It should go without saying, but the Support class should not be trying to perform the roles traditionally handled by the Assault, Medic, or Recon classes. Instead, it should be helping those classes do what they do best. Watch where your teammates are going; communicate with them through voice if possible or text chat if necessary. Pay attention to what they’re doing and where they’re going, and tailor your actions around the needs of allies.

Ultimately, the Support class should be doing as its name implies: providing support. It’s not exactly a flashy role; more often than not, Support players won’t be sniping enemies or blowing up vehicles. It’s just not their job. Instead, they’re meant to fortify positions, suppress enemies, and make sure that allies have all the supplies they need to work effectively. Even though it may be a thankless job, proper Support players are absolutely critical to effective Battlefield 5 strategies.