Madden NFL 09 PS3 Cheats


Official Hints

- Create new offensive and defensive plays in NFL Head Coach 09 and import them into Madden. Your opponent won't know what to expect!

- Take advantage of the new tackle breaking system. Press a button or move the highlight stick while getting tackled to attempt to break out of it.

- New to Madden? No problem. Use the Beginner Game Style for a simplified Madden experience.

- Madden knows how good you are. When you finish a game, advance to the Virtual Trainer to improve your weaknesses.

- Longing for the days of Maddens past? Play Madden 93 with the 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition.

- Talk is cheap. Create custom Online Leagues with your friends to see who is truly the best at Madden.

- When playing multi-player games, make sure to use the Bluff Play selection to hide from your opponent which play you are about to run.

- Playing Superstar as a Tight End gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to play as a Lineman and a Wide Receiver.

- It's a good idea to use your EA Rewinds like timeouts, saving them for crucial situations.

- Enter into endzone hotspots to trigger special player celebrations.

- Calling a short yard FB run play with a backup RB is a good way to increase the odds that yards will be gained.

- Read the Madden Moment description carefully, sometimes a FG is good enough to complete the Moment.

- Pause no more! Access Instant Replay, Challenge Plays, and view stats without ever leaving the playcall screen.

- When a defense looks prepared for your current play, use a quick audible to regain the upper hand.

- While playing through the Madden Test, be patient. Hurrying through the drills will cause your Madden IQ to suffer.

- Use Formation Subs in certain situations to bring a new player into the game. That backup player just might have the skills needed for the current play.

- Remember to utilize the Field Goal Block Return play whenever a long FG is attempted.

- Importing your Fantasy Football Team from your Fantasy League gives you the chance to test your team's mettle on the field.

- Use the stiff arm special move to break more tackles with the ball carrier.

- Using an All Madden or Fantasy Drafted created team will give you the advantage when playing in Franchise or against a friend.

- Use EA Sports World to help track your accomplishments in all game modes.

- When punting is not an option, use the QB Sneak play to push for those last couple of yards in short yardage situations.

- When a play doesn't go the way you planned, don't hesitate. Use EA Rewind to try it over again.

- Utilize the Player HUB to see what part of the game your friends are currently playing in.

- Use the Player HUB to send game invites as well as Online league invites.

Brett Favre to Jets

Because Brett Favre is not in the game and the 2007 Packers cannot be edited, much like any teams you unlocked in Fantasy Challenge (and also cannot be used for practicing situations), edit QB #5 on the 1992 Packers.Copy his stats and create him accordingly. Create him as a Dolphins player, then trade him for Chad Pennington (Jets). However he will not have Brett Favre's picture.

Kickers' Special Abilities

Kickers can be unlocked by winning the final game of the Newbie League. Their strategy is to use a lot of special teams plays such as the Buffalo Bills utilizing Brian Moorman. Watch out for fake field goal pass or fake field goal run. If the pass is good or if you smash the punter running, you will be called for roughing the kicker. Thus, do not go for sacks. Deflect passes or try intercepting them. If you are defending the run, just take the penalty quickly. Also, No.17 has "Da Boot" built-in when he is taking a field goal and kickoffs (you will not need a card for it). He does not have it when you use him to punt. The punter has no "Da Boot" for punting, either.

Unlock Teams

Complete the indicated task in Fantasy Challenge mode to unlock the corresponding team:

Dummies - Defeat them at the Supreme League.

NFC All Star - Defeat them at the Supreme League or buy their card.

Tridents - Defeat them at the Supreme League.

Glaciers - Defeat them at the Supreme League.

Kickers - Defeat them at the Newbie League.

Manipulators - Defeat them at the Black and Blue League.

Monsters - Defeat them at the Powerhouse League.

AFC All Star - Defeat them at the Supreme League or buy their card.

Decievers - Defeat them at the Supreme League.

QB Avoidance and QB Vision

Both of these are mutually exclusive. Because they both utilize the Right Analog-stick, you cannot have both of them on. Go to the game settings to change them.

Superstar mode: Playbooks

In Superstar mode, when you practice, you will be learning your team's default playbook with default audibles and not the one you desired on your profile. For example, if your Superstar HB's team is the Dallas Cowboys, but your desired offensive playbook is the New England Patriots, you will be stuck with your team's playbook. The main problem with this is when you are a defender learning in a 4-3 team when you are more comfortable with the 3-4 (or vice versa). Kickers and punters are mostly unaffected because they only have to punt and kick field goals, and those do not change in any playbook.

Glitch: Wrong Way Celebration

Score a defensive TD from interceptions or fumble recovery. Celebrate over the top (press [Triangle] after you reach the end-zone). Take your time even while you are choosing your PAT play. You will see the QB who made the mistake celebrating as if he was the one who threw a TD pass. The wrong way celebration also applies with toned-down celebration [Square] and multi-player [Circle], but the prevalence of the QB celebrating is less often.

Monster's Special Abilities (Intimidation)

Monsters can be unlocked by winning the final game of the Black & Blue League. Their special abilities are called "Intimidation". This affects the passing game more, especially for players using QB Vision. Once it is activated, your receiver's icons are turned into question marks. The result is that the QB cannot hot route or smart route anybody, and locks the primary receiver so your QB vision cannot lock on properly. However it has no consequence in the actual throws. It may lose accuracy. For example, if you are doing Singleback-Normal, PA TE Corner, the primary receiver is the tight end, when you are intimidated, his route is locked. You cannot move him, and you are stuck with him as a primary target. Your QB will fixate on him when you snap the ball (unless you swivel your head by moving the Right Analog-stick, but you cannot lock on anyone else for an accurate throw). Despite the receiving icons being spooked, when you press Square for this play, it will head towards your correct receiver. To counter, use the following strategies.

- Control your wide receivers and run your own routes. If you do like the preset primary receiver, control him, but change your routes.

- Turn QB Avoidance on. It lowers its effectiveness somewhat.

- Make shorter passes where you can make accurately without QB Vision.

- Use a running play. Blocking is not affected by it much.

- Change formation or change play, but it will not change the primary receiver.

Defensively, this merely messes up coverages. If yopu are playing as Monsters, the special abilities are initiated randomly and automatically.